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  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha....... suckers wise up.
  2. Where did this come from?
  3. Congressional shrug on emergency border spending could prove costly
  4. History of the Arab-Israeli conflict
  5. Myth of the Modern Religious War
  6. Ten Reasons Why I am No longer a Leftist
  7. Howard Stern epic rant on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  8. What is true Liberalism ?
  9. Apogee
  10. Illegal Imigration
  11. Ten Pills
  12. Letter urges President Obama to be more transparent
  13. Are we there yet?
  14. If we want this, we must act on a state level
  15. Is it Barack Obama's economy?
  16. Blame Clinton!
  17. But I thought France was SO much better than the US...
  18. White House trims 2014 deficit projection to $583 billion
  19. No, tell us what you REALLY think....
  20. Ex-Bush lawyer convicted of trying to kill wife
  21. White House Issues Ultimatum to Afghanistan
  22. Your tax dollars at work....
  23. Obama appoval rating at 72%!
  24. A Raging, Out Of Control EPA – Sanctioned Theft From Americans
  25. The most liberal collumnist of the NYT admits to every Conservative point.
  26. Congress Declare "Immunity" from Insider Trading Probe
  27. When Republicans who deny science call on science to prove their point
  28. Republicans are anti-gay?
  29. Fracking Fears Grow as OK Hit by More Earthquakes Than Cali
  30. Four librarians gagged and threatened with prison time under the Patriot Act
  31. I'm so ashamed, I only got 47 correct....
  32. Poverty and Welfare from a different perspective.
  33. Hands down Obama is the worst president since WWII: poll
  34. Professor Arrested/Slammed For Jaywalking and Resisting Arrest
  35. What do the US, Papua New Guinea, and Oman have in common?
  36. 10 years later, the Iraq war is still a failure
  37. Stone Cold Proof That Gov't Economic Numbers Are Being Highly Manipulated
  38. Sending children illegally into US 'pointless'
  39. Obama seeks $500M to train, equip Syrian rebels
  40. BREAKING: Supreme Court Unanimously Strikes Down Abortion Clinic "Buffer Zone" Law
  41. Reining in Executive power
  42. Army drawdown continues: 1,100 captains to be cut
  43. Jon Stuart rips the IRS a new one
  44. Economy booming?
  45. Even more Government Overeach
  46. A Tour and Census of Palestine Year 1695: No sign of Arabian names or Palestinians
  47. I'm done with you Barrack
  48. Iran acts to eliminate sensitive uranium stockpile under nuclear deal
  49. Glen Beck admits liberals were right on Iraq
  50. F-16 co-designer calls the F-35 a "turkey"
  51. I'm OUTRAGED!!!!!
  52. Mexican Gang Members Flooding Across Border
  53. Obama as unpopular as George W. Bush in poll
  54. The corruption thread
  55. Mosul falls to militants, Iraqi forces flee northern city
  56. 5 US troops killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan
  57. Are humans really the biggest contributor to Global Climate Change?
  58. 210,000 "created" jobs last month and unemployment STILL AT 6.3%?
  59. Bergdahl
  60. Report: 'Undocumented Immigrants' Will Be Able to 'Join the Military'
  61. And five months later he was dead....
  62. I can't believe they let you do that!
  63. the most evil branch of government
  64. Corporations know whats best, just look at Halliburton
  65. Wow, what a difference...
  66. Directive outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens
  67. This happens EVERY time there is talk of "Amnesty "
  68. Big Brother: YOU WILL SUBMIT Citizen!
  69. ObamaNation: Where Lawlessness And Moral Depravity Prevail
  70. GM's Onstar is spying on you
  71. Iran hangs a "Job Creator"
  72. Conservatives/Republicans, the NRA, and the curious case of the electronic gun
  73. Wait..... What?
  74. We are raising a Nation of...
  75. Florida Lawmaker Warns Common Core Will Turn Children 'Homosexual'
  76. "We proved it, Communism works"
  77. NASA Study Concludes When Civilization Will End, And It's Not Looking Good for Us
  78. The Death of Democracy
  79. Screw it, let them fight it out, Right....
  80. States Most & Least Dependent on the Federal Government
  81. GOP leaders to block military immigration measure
  82. We need to pass the bill to find out what is in it....
  83. US plans nearly $1 billion arms deal with Iraq
  84. Obama: 9/11 Memorial Museum a "profound and moving experience"
  85. John Stuart rips Harry Reid a new azzhole
  86. The Next Shoe Drops Just 2 Days After The Last One
  87. Ol' Pat got it right for a change
  88. Obama's Minimum Wage Executive Order Leaves Group of Vets in the Cold
  89. FCC gets a taste of "Net Nutrality"
  90. Rand Paul sounds off on voter ID
  91. But I thought Deficits don't matter?
  92. Outrage of the week....
  93. Israeli spying on US at 'alarming level'
  94. It’s An Illusion: Here Are the REAL Unemployment Numbers
  95. Oil spills can have Postive effects says Houston pipeline builder
  96. Liberals have Secret Organizations that funnel money? Say it ain't so!
  97. Fox News Doesn't Even Try Anymore
  98. Texas Is Permanently Shutting Abortion Clinics & the Supreme Court Can't Do Anything
  99. SCOTUS says: Sit down and Shut up, Atheists....
  100. U.S. Lost $11.2 Billion in GM Bailout, TARP Report Says