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  1. FS SoEast: Hawk HPS pads G/Z coupe non brembo.
  2. FS: Stillen cross drilled and slotted rotors(fits Brembo)
  3. FS: Drilled and Slotted rotors w/ Akebono Pads (non-Brembo)
  4. FS MidWest: g35/350z Brembo Front Calipers New/Remans
  5. WTB: Akebono Calipers with brackets
  6. FS: So Cal * Brembo rotor upgrade *NIB w/pads
  7. WTB: Oem brembo calipers
  8. WTB: OEM Brembo or Akebono BBK complete kit or just calipers
  9. WTB: Akebono BBK Adapter for G35 Sedan
  10. FS SoCal: Stoptech BBK Rear brakes St-40 rear only
  11. FS: 05 g35 complete brake system
  12. WTB NorEast: Akebono adapter kit / BBK rotor pads
  13. FS SoCal: Baer 4391001N Brake nissan 350z -Infinity-G35
  14. FS SoCal: Mint Condition Akebono BBK // New Pads // CHEAP [LOS ANGELES]
  15. FS SoCal: AP Racing 6 piston BBK
  16. FS: OEM brakes from 2006 coupe
  17. FS: OEM brakes from 03 G35
  18. WTB: OEM Brembo F&R Calipers
  19. FS: Akebono brake pads F&R
  20. FS: Stoptech SS Brake Lines (New)
  21. FS SoCal: G35 front hubs/rotors
  22. WTB: OEM brembo calipers
  23. FS: Genuine Wilwood 6 piston 14" front / 4 piston 13" rear BBK with 2 piece rotors
  24. FS: Genuine Wilwood 6 pot /4 BBK with 2 piece rotors
  25. WTB: Looking for a passenger side akebono caliper
  26. FS: Brembo Rear Calipers
  27. WTB: Rear bbk complete set 2pt
  28. FS: Set slotted/driller rotors for Brembo
  29. FS: Akebono Brakes
  30. FS: AKEBONO G37 brakes
  31. FS SoCal: OEM 350Z/G35 06-08 Calipers/Lines/Rotors
  32. WTB: OEM Brembo Calipers Or Rebuilt Brembo Calipers
  33. FS: Wilwood G35/350Z Front BBK
  34. FS: Akebono Dust Shields
  35. FS NorCal: Powerslot rotors and Hawk HPS Pads for Brembo Calipers
  36. WTB: oem gold brembo brakes
  37. FS: Custom Candy Blue 6 Piston Brembo front brakesm
  38. FS: Akebono calipers bolts lines pads great shape
  39. FS SoEast: Brand New Front Brembo Cross Drilled Rotors and Hawk HPS Pads for OEM Brembos
  40. FS: OEM Akebono BBK (Calipers, lines, bolts, clips pins, and pads
  41. FS: Rotora 6/4 bbk
  42. WTB: Brake pads sedan 05x front+rear
  43. FS: OEM Brembo Brake (Complete Set)
  44. FS SoEast: Akebono Brake Calipers, pads, bolts and lines
  45. FS: Akebono adapter brackets for g35
  46. FS: 06 complete brake set with extras
  47. FS SoCal: Stoptech BBK Front And Rear St-40
  48. FS SoCal: OEM Gold Brembos & Slotted Rotors (Complete Set)
  49. FS: Stillen Metal Matrix High Performance brake pads
  50. WTB: StopTech Front (4pot) and Rear (2pot) BBK
  51. FS: Stoptech Front BBK
  52. FS SoCal: Akebono Front/Rear Calipers
  53. FS: Brand New EBC Sport Rotors (GD)
  54. WTB: Need damaged/not useable OEM g37 akebono calipers
  55. FS NorCal: stoptech 309 pads - Akebono calipers
  56. FS: Akebono BBK Candy Blue w/ Stoptech Cross Drilled/Slotted Rotors
  57. FS: custom candy blue rear brembo and 2 piece rotors
  58. FS NorEast: Brand new OEM pads for Akebono calipers
  59. FS: Rotora 6 piston front BBK
  60. WTB: Brembo calipers
  61. FS: OEM Brembo Brake set Calipers and Rotors
  62. FS: Endless SSM Brake pads for OEM Brembos
  63. FS: Stoptech BBK Front And Rear Red
  64. WTB: akebono caliper
  65. FS: New Pair of Centric premium rear rotors
  66. FS: 2005 G35 Coupe - Brakes (F+R Caliper, Pad, Rotor)
  67. FS: 10 Genuine Brembo Brake Bleeder Screws M10 x 1.0 - Brand new!
  68. FS SoCal: EBC green stuff brake pads for brembos
  69. WTB NorEast: Master cylinder brace
  70. FS SoCal: complete Akebono BBK g35/350z!
  71. WTB: Akebono, Brembo, or Sport calipers
  72. FS: Akebonos Stoptech Centric Rotors
  73. FS: Akebono AMS Slotted Rotors
  74. WTB NorEast: Ss lines
  75. FS: OEM Brembo Brake Setup, almost everything you need
  76. FS: Stoptech BBK
  77. WTB MidWest: Stock Brembo Calipers + Lines (04 G35c)
  78. WTB: Brakes/Rotor setup '05 Coupe
  79. FS: Centric PosiQuiet F&R Pads for Akebonos - NEW - 60$ shipped
  80. FS: AKEBONO BBK - Slotted Rotors/SS brake lines
  81. FS: Jbt bbk 6/4
  82. FS: 07 OEM brakes (lots of pad left & surfaced rotors)
  83. FS Texas: 2 New Rear Rotors for Akebono Sport Brakes
  84. FS Texas: 2006+ Revised Dual Piston Brakes Complete Set
  85. WTB: Gas Pedal
  86. FS: Akebono Calipers, hardware, lines, brake pads
  87. FS: CIN Motorsports BBK for 18" wheels (14" 355mm rotors) - NICE!
  88. FS SoEast: Carbotech XP8 brake pads front and rear set
  89. WTB: Brakes for 07 G35!!!!!!!
  90. FS NorCal: OEM Brembo Rotors (All 4)
  91. FS: NEW Akebono Rear Calipers and NEW Stoptech Rotors
  92. WTB MidWest: It's Brembo time
  93. FS: 03-04 Coupe OEM Brake Calipers, Rotors
  94. FS MidWest: Hawk HPS for Brembo
  95. WTB SoEast: Brembo rear caliper
  96. FS: Cross Drilled / Slotted Rotors
  97. FS: Stoptech BBK 14" front and 14" rear
  98. WTB SoEast: 2006-2007 OEM brakes(really only need calipers and lines)
  99. FS: Stoptech SS Brake Lines
  100. FS: Akebono BBK Adapter/Stoptech Lines/Brake Fluid