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  1. DIY: full power steering flush (dealer style)
  2. El Cheapo Radar Rearview Mirror Mount DIY
  3. DIY Replacing Splash Guard Fasteners
  4. DIY: Replace Your HID Headlight Bulb
  5. DIY: Change/Dry Out Your Headlight Ballast
  6. DIY simple exhaust can blackout
  7. Removing Mt Fuji?
  8. Auto Window Up and Down reprogramming fix.
  9. DIY~Carbon wrap mirror covers
  10. Installing LED DRL/Foglights in bumper
  11. DIY: Sunroof stuck open Fix (Screw) All V36ís
  12. DIY painted GTR tails (sedan)
  13. Journey lip on a 07-08 journey installation pics with templates
  14. DIY: Quick 'n Easy Wheel Offset Measurement
  15. STI-R Lens Install Setback
  16. DIY~Window trim vinyl wrap 07-current Sedans
  17. DIY: lowering Sport seat height
  18. DIY: Applying Vinyl Roof Overlay (with Fin and Sunroof)
  19. DIY: Replacing Upper Rear Shock Bolt
  20. DIY: Brake Bleeding (with the help of a Motive Power Bleeder)
  21. 2008 g35 amp install on a stock bose system
  22. DIY: Quick 'n Easy Power Steering Fluid Change
  23. DIY: Front Sway Bar Installation
  24. DIY: Rear Differential Oil Change
  25. DIY: Replace Serpentine Belt 07+ G35 (and probably G37)
  26. Poor man's intake
  27. AWD powertrain fluid drain
  28. DIY: How to BLACK OUT rear emblems in MINUTES
  29. DIY: Front Bumper Replacement
  30. DIY: Front Bumper Removal
  31. DIY: How to REMOVE taillights, reverse lights & trunk lip spoiler - PICS
  32. DIY: NiftyShifty Automatic Shiftboot install / OEM Boot Replacement
  33. DIY: Replacing your battery
  34. DIY: Clean your throttle bodies
  35. DIY: Clutch Fix #2 - Oh what a feeling :)
  36. DIY: LED Front Turn Signal Blinkers
  37. DIY: OE Journey lip on sport bumper
  38. DIY: Replacing In-Cabin Microfilter
  39. DIY: Cup Holder Removal
  40. DIY: Cleaning Battery Terminals (and Oily windshields)
  41. DIY: Front plate mount sport bumper
  42. DIY: Wheel spacer vibration fix
  43. DIY: check engine / service engine soon light from HFC fix
  44. DIY: LCD Removal
  45. DIY: Removing Front Plate Threaded Insert (Toggle Nut)
  46. DIY: Coilover Install
  47. DIY: Fix your scratched shift knob 07+ Sedan
  48. DIY: Interior Trim Removal
  49. DIY: KP Technologies Auto Lock/Unlock Module
  50. DIY: 6MT shift boot replaced
  51. DIY: My KP NAV Bypass Install
  52. DIY: TEIN EDFC w/ 80 pics (LONG!)
  53. DIY: OE G37 sedan trunk spoiler install
  54. DIY: Powered Ipod/iPhone Cable (Hidden)
  55. DIY: Infiniti G35/G37 ECU Removal
  56. DIY: Clutch Fix#1 - pedal travel
  57. DIY: Sunroof fix for excessive wind noise when OPENED
  58. DIY: Lowering an 07 G35S pic and write up
  59. DIY: KPtechnologies Remote Window Up Module - 2007 Sedan
  60. DIY: 2007+ Sedan Door Panel Removal
  61. DIY: Grille Removal
  62. DIY: Philips 6000k Ultinon Install
  63. DIY: M45s Shift Knob
  64. DIY: Installing Sport paddles
  65. DIY: Drivers Door Keyhole Cover
  66. DIY: Oil Change