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  1. WTB: injector dynamics 1300cc injectors
  2. FS Texas: Motordyne MREV2
  3. FS: Oem 03 upper and lower intake manifold (2), oem maf and intake adapter
  4. WTB: MD plenum spacer
  5. FS: Stillen Air Box/Z-Tube
  6. FS: Motordyne mrev2 plenum/ iso thermal gaskets/CF engine cover/CF Z Tube/ JWT pop charg.
  7. FS: Deatschwerks 600cc injectors
  8. FS SoCal: Motordyne Mrev2 & Kinetix V+ Plenum
  9. FS: 3.5" Custom polished short ram intake kit
  10. FS: used furookie intake system
  11. FS NorEast: Stillen Z-Tube
  12. FS SoEast: OEM G35 Airbox w/ Filter and G Tube
  13. 440cc Denso Drop in/Plug Injectors
  14. FS: JWT pop charger/Stillen heat shield plus z-tube
  15. FS: OEM Throttle body from a 05 coupe
  16. WTB: 264 10.5 cams
  17. FS SoEast: Stillen Cold air intake w/ K&N filter
  18. FS SoEast: Stillen Z-Tube
  19. FS: Stillen intake
  20. WTS - Stillen Full intake w/ Z-Tube - Virginia - $220obo
  21. Looking to purchase a stock intake o pass smog for my g35.
  22. FS: Rev-Up lower intake plenum
  23. WTB: Breather Mods!
  24. FS: Uprev GT MAF
  25. WTB: MD 5/16 plenum spacer
  26. FS: 2006 G35 Coupe OEM intake
  27. FS NorEast: MD 5/16 Copper iso thermal plenum spacer, 440cc DW injectors, nismo tube
  28. WTB: Looking to buy Z-Tube, JWT Popcharger!
  29. WTB: stillen heatshield
  30. WTB: 75mm Throttle Body
  31. FS NorCal: HKS Racing Suction Intake System
  32. WTB West: Furookie 3.5" Intake
  33. FS Texas: Crawford Upper Plenum/Lower for sale
  34. Z1 Z Tube.
  35. Kinetix
  36. WTB: Looking for Stillen Intake Setup without Z-Tube
  37. FS: Bosch 3300 Premium oil filters
  38. FS: Mrev2 with Blox 5/16th spacer $350 shipped
  39. WTB: Looking for stock Intake system
  40. FS: Stillen Z-tube
  41. FS: Skunk2 5/8" Plenum Spacer
  42. FS: REV-UP air box With updated velocity stack w/ Afe or K&N Filters!
  43. WTB: Stillen Intake
  44. FS: 1st gen G35/350z Stillen Heatshield
  45. FS Texas: Upper plenum powder coated w/MD 5/16 spacer
  46. FS Texas: AFE intake
  47. FS Texas: ARC Intake Pipe (VQ35DE Z33/G35)
  48. FS Texas: R2C Polished Intake Kit
  49. FS: Kinetix V1 SSV Intake Modified With Direct Bolt On 75mm TB, 1 Of A Kind For F/I
  50. FS: OEM Z Tube
  51. NEW Motordyne 5/16" Iso hermal Copper intake spacer
  52. WTB West: JWT Pop Charger + Heat Shield
  53. FS West: Stillen intake & Z Tube
  54. FS MidWest: Injen CAI
  55. FS: MREV2 Lower Plenum w/ oem gasket
  56. Wanted: Z-Tube
  57. FS: EV14 1000cc, Turbosmart Regulator
  58. Wanted: OEM Coupe air cleaner box
  59. FS: JWT PopCharger $35
  60. FS NorCal: Nismo intake
  61. FS SoCal: JWT Pop Charger + Z tube + heat shield
  62. WTB: 5/16 ISO thermal plenum spacer
  63. FS: kinetix SS velocity intake
  64. FS SoCal: Short Ram Intake!
  65. FS: injen cold air intake
  66. FS NorEast: 2005 6MT Sedan stock intake
  67. WTB: Z tube and JWT Pop charger
  68. FS SoEast: MAF Sensor and housing
  69. WTB: Motordyne Plenum Spacer
  70. FS MidWest: Motordyne 5/16 Spacer, Stillin Intake with Z tube
  71. WTB intake tube
  72. FS: Non-Revup plenum, Rev-up plenum, OEM airbox
  73. FS: TX: Z1 Oil Cooler Kit, PPE LTH's, Haltech PnP, JWT HD Clutch Kit & More!!!
  74. FS SoEast: OEM 06 Coupe Intake tube
  75. FS: Motordyne 5/16 plenum spacer
  76. FS: Cosworth Intake Plenum w/ Billet Ed Caps & Built VQ35DE Heads w/ JWT C8 Cams...
  77. WTB: Rev up air box (complete)
  78. WTB: Fuel pump
  79. FS: MD 5/16. Mrev2, pop charger, and stillen ztube.
  80. WTB: Z-Tube or G35 intake coupler
  81. FS: 350z Intake Z Tube $50 shipped!
  82. FS: OEM used ignition coils
  83. FS: Valve Cover and Brand new oem gaskets
  84. FS: Stillen intake, Z tube with hole for NX nitrous, 350z rev up intake box with K&N
  85. FS: Motordyne 5/16 Copper Isothermal Spacer
  86. FS: AEM Intake
  87. FS Texas: Injen SP Series Short RAM Performance Dual Intake Infiniti G35
  88. FS Texas: Motordyne 1/2" Copper Iso Thermal Plenum Spacer *New*
  89. WTB: Stock intake system
  90. FS: Under hood air inlet & Stillen intake filters
  91. FS: Brand New OEM NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plugs & Fuel Filter $60
  92. FS: OEM '06 G35 coupe intake tube.
  93. aftermarket injectors and pump for sale
  94. FS: ARC oil catch tank Fairlady Z Z33 VQ35HR engine vehicles
  95. FS NorEast: 600cc Deatschwerks Injectors, freshly cleaned
  96. FS: Kinetix Velocity Manifold
  97. FS: HR Intake Manifold
  98. FS: Stillen Air Intake, Filter and Velocity Stack
  99. Wtb md spacer
  100. WTB: 75mm Big Bore Throttle Body Kit