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  1. Should i spend 8K
  2. Please help with research survey!
  3. BBK or fiance
  4. POLL Q50 or Lexus IS350
  5. soap or body wash?
  6. Person with Body Odor or Person with excessive Cologne/Perfume
  7. Poop before or after shower? mmmm bic boi
  8. College Degree
  9. should i delete my g35 account?
  10. Do you listen to Lil Wayne?
  11. Help me chose.
  12. How much do you tip at a restaurant?
  13. Poll on which cars LOOK best in class
  14. Viper, 996 Turbo or M6
  15. What is your favorite color?
  16. Cheated on :( Sell or keep tickets?
  17. Pumpkin Carving vote.
  18. Would you have sex with your HOT step-sister?
  19. How often do you shower?
  20. AIM or A.I.M.?
  21. Staggered or Non Staggered Setup
  22. M&M's Vs Skittles
  23. Is ice cube hip hop or rap
  24. How many suits do you own?
  25. Madonna 2011
  26. Would you go to Jail for 10 years for $100 Million?
  27. Who has the best pizza?
  28. Which Cell Phone OS do you prefer
  29. How Is Obama doing as president
  30. Head or sex? Nsfw
  31. Osama Bin Laden Alive?
  32. Who has the best burgers!!
  33. Happy 4/20 to all my pot smokers
  34. metalheads! what kinda metal?
  35. non-Brand No Ethanol Gas vs Chevron Premium 93
  36. how many credit cards do you own!!
  37. Auto Or Manual
  38. 2012
  39. Motorola Atrix 4G vs Iphone 4 ***plz read post 1st***
  40. Chicago Hot Dog Vs. New York Hot Dog.
  41. Bill to Make Car Stereos Illegal in Hawaii
  42. How much above the posted speed limit do you agree is ok to drive?
  43. Which Cell Phone Service Provider do you prefer
  44. How many languages do you speak?
  45. How many times have you...
  46. Loofahs: Yay or Gay?
  47. How was your child delivered?
  48. 2010 Best Thread~Please vote!
  49. Please Vote. Which Setup Do you Like better?
  50. Tinted Window Ticket
  51. Do you sleep with socks on?
  52. Which one do you think flows better with IP?
  53. What body type do you prefer your women to have?
  54. Would You Change Gender?
  55. Do you wash your hands when leaving the bathroom?
  56. Do you pee in the shower?
  57. Shower or Grower?
  58. Audi A4 running lights: love 'em, hate 'em?
  59. How much time do you spend on G35Driver?
  60. Instant Messaging (IM) on DRIVER!
  61. Need some advice? (is she she not?)
  62. Beautiful Vinyl Lp Clocks!
  63. Do you have HS Diploma or GED?
  64. blackberry or iphone
  65. 7 years coming up with the GF and need a....
  66. Job question
  67. Should I get a Xbox 360 Elite or PS3 Slim?
  68. Carfax, Participation Appreciated
  69. Help me choose and Plasma TV
  70. Are they killing the G? Vote
  71. if you get scammed?
  72. Which car magazine (print version) do you prefer?
  73. Driver, help me decide on new sideskirts...
  74. Should Marijuana be Legalized?
  75. Labor union and their leaders
  76. Coffee Drinkers Come On In
  77. Who here has had the swine flu shot?
  78. How often do you get your teeth cleaned/checked?
  79. 10$/gal gas price
  80. Which plane would you fly if you could pick any one?
  81. Egg nog, love it or hate it?
  82. Can you get pulled over for...
  83. circumcised or uncircumcised
  84. Jap.godzilla .vs. U.s.godzilla
  85. Air Freshener Scent Poll
  86. Are Cheetos considered chips?
  87. Psychics - Real or Bull Crap?
  88. Who does NOT support Obama anymore
  89. Which would you choose I
  90. NO FAP September
  91. You're Married. Ok to take off Ring when you go out???
  92. Question for all of the men in here
  93. Am I The Only One Who Thinks She's Hot?
  94. Is DWI murder?
  95. Automatic Shift Knob
  96. Do you warn people about upcoming speed traps?
  97. Sex
  98. How big is your company?
  99. Hamburgers and hot dogs... A timeless 4th of July question
  100. Do you belive in the Horoscopes/Stars/Zodiac signs