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06-21-2012 until 07-22-2017
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★★Classified Posting Rules - Please READ BEFORE POSTING★★

In an effort to provide the best possible Marketplace experience for all members,
please review the following rules before posting a new classified thread.

In order to help prevent fraud;
You need to meet both of of the following requirements before you can post:
  • Member of the site for at least 15 days and Post Count of 5 or more

Any thread that does not comply with the classified rules may be deleted without notice!

A Classified Thread MUST be posted with the following information;
1. CONCISE ACCURATE TITLE: No threads permitted with fanciful titles such as “FS: ……check it out” etc
2. Follow the "New Marketplace Listing" Template for required information such as: PREFIX, PRICE, LOCATION etc.
3. CONTACT: Provide a specific method of contact for potential buyers to reach you (no personal info please)
4. PICTURE: Include a hand written sign with UserName and Date ,
in at least one current picture of the item(s) to verify ownership and help reduce scamming.
(This applies to all FS ,WTT items)
5. DESCRIPTION: Provide an accurate description of the item(s)

When Item is SOLD or Sale is FINISHED
1. Please edit the original post and add a comment to mark it as "SOLD", "CLOSED" etc.
Please do not delete the content of the OP, as this will be of value to future classified posts.
Also, do NOT add a new post for same. (needless bump)
2. Please Close your thread. You have the ability to close (Lock) your Original Post in the Classifieds ONLY.

Other Rules That may Lead To Deletion of Threads or Posts.
1. Surrogate threads; Posting of classified threads on behalf of others is not permitted.
2. Feeler threads; Items are for sale or they are not, no feelers are permitted.
3. Personal Items Only; The posting of commercial or for profit items is not permitted.
4. No Needless Bumps; If your post is still on the first page do NOT bump your thread.
Otherwise, you are allowed 1 bump every 2 days after the last post of your thread.
If there has been a change to the asking price or product description you may bump.
5. Negative Posts; Needless Negative posts about what the item looks like, that the asking price is too high,
or posts of that nature are not permitted.
Any such posts may be moderated under site Rule # 10. HARASSMENT/FLAMING

G35DRIVER and/or it's staff will not be held responsible for any posts made within the classified forums.
G35DRIVER is not responsible for any statements made, sales gone bad, money stolen,
part failures, or sales which lead to dispute.

Also see related Site Rules, such as but not limited to:
09. Commercial/Promotional Material
13. Copyright Infringement
16. Private Classifieds
17. Buyer Beware


The following rules are specific to Sponsors:

1. May create new topics in the Vendor Classifieds forum to post product availability, specials or promotional messages
2. May create new non-product related topics in any forum (just like a normal user)
3. May create a limited number product related topics (max 2 threads for each product) in the applicable relevant Tech/Model subforum. Bump rules as noted below apply to these threads as well.
4. May post replies (not new topics) to part or service requests in ANY forum on the site, as long as the post is relevant to the original post and the forum area in which it was posted
5. If your post is still on the first page do NOT bump your thread. Otherwise, you are allowed 1 bump every 2 days. If there has been a change to the asking price or product description you may bump.
6. May only bump or create 5 threads total on any given day
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