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  1. WTB: Looking for CAI for 2005 G35 Sedan
  2. FS Canada: OEM 350z Intake Tube for G35
  3. FS Canada: Injen SRI
  4. WTB: JWT Popcharger / Z Tube
  5. FS Canada: Z tube, Upper Intake, Throttle body, Lower intakes and Runners REVUP, NON-REV MREVII
  6. FS Canada: Z-Tube
  7. WTB Canada: WTB: OEM Z-tube or Stillen Z-tube (in Toronto GTA)
  8. WTB: Z-tube
  9. WTB Canada: Looking for G35 CAI
  10. WTB NorEast: cosworth Intake manifold
  11. WTB: Ztube, revupbox, 5/16 plenum spacer
  12. FS Canada: OEM Air intake
  13. FS Canada: denso 440cc injectors
  14. FS: Complete OEM intake system
  15. FS: Polished Z Tube + red couplers
  16. WTB: JWT pop charger/Z tube/ 5/16 MD iso copper plenum spacer
  17. FS Canada: FS: Blitz Intake with Heat Shield and bracket
  18. FS Canada: Z-Tube, JWT Pop Charger, Heat Shiled, Replacement filter, Charger
  19. FS Canada: FS: AEM Cold air Intake
  20. FS Canada: Skunk2 5/8" Plenum Spacer
  21. FS Canada: Fujita F5 Intake
  22. FS Canada: Injen Race Division Cold Air Intake with Hydroshield
  23. FS: air intake cone filter and MAF adapter
  24. WTT: Injen Short-Ram Intake for your stock
  25. FS Canada: Custom CAI including MAF!!
  26. OEM G35 Exhaust 2004 Sedan
  27. Cat support bracket
  28. OEM Z Tube + K&N Air Filter
  29. Catback exhaust
  30. Motordyne Rolled Ti Tips
  31. HKS Hi-Power Exhaust
  32. Stock cats 03-06
  33. Stillen Z-Tube
  34. HKS EXHAUST for G35 Coupe
  35. Misc Parts
  36. Fast Intentions 300 Cell Metallic High Flow Cats
  37. Fast Intentions Intimidator Catback (Full Stainless Steel)
  38. 08 350Z mid-pipe
  39. OEM Axleback with Muffler.