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scumbagsleeper 12-19-2018 11:01 AM

Scumbagsleeper's 05' G35X automatic turbo budget build
This is my first real thread on G35driver so hi everyone and I'm happy to be a G35x owner and member! :thewave:

My brother and I have a pretty good background in Nissan / Infiniti cars and modification. I have owned several Z31 300zx, and at least 5x G20's.and a 78mm Turbonetics 383ci 6speed foxbody. A couple of the G20's I have added custom turbo setups and have had lots of fun in the 300-400 WHP range but I have been wanting to play with the AWD platform for awhile.

My new toys... I bought a 2004 G35x with 125k really cheap because of minor issues like wheel bearings, ball joint, bad cam sensors, and leaking valve covers. I was going to start building this car but found another 2005 G35x with 156k miles for $500 bux that broke the front driveshaft. So I decided to leave the 04' alone for a DD and do anything I want to the 05' since I bought it for scrap price.

The 05' - I'm starting with was a very well taken care of vehicle from Texas. Had rock chip guards, custom dash cover, tinted widows, and not a spec of rust anywhere! was traded in here in Missouri and one of the dealers bought it and put brand new tires, battery and had the fluid maintenance service done. He drove it a couple months with a clicking noise until the front driveshaft broke and it destroyed the front differential and cracked the lower aluminum oil pan. He left it at the mechanic shop and listed it for sale for what he had into the new tires just to get some money back out of the car. He said Pick’n’pull only offered $300 !! I called him and bought it without even seeing the car.

Hopefully we can build this into a decent sleeper car in the $4k range - not including our time of course :)

Plans for the 05’X

Engine management:

I bought a TurboXS Utec and it has a lot of stuff I really like but it is dated and I am not familiar with tuning one. I may go with the AEM F/ic6 and leave the stock injectors in and add 6x more GT500 injectors for a total of 12 fuel injectors. I am very familiar with tuning this way and have been doing it for 2-3 years on our SR20 turbo car. It's a little extra work fabricating the intake but will make for a very smooth transition going into boost. Also it's really really cheap compared to most solutions :) Another plus with the AEM FIC is that I can clamp the MAF before it maxes out and tune by MAP so I don’t need to retune the factory ECU for a bigger MAF saving me more $$$$

Random parts to get her on the road:

Lower oil pan ($85 shipped used ebay) - These are discontinued parts now!! -- Installed
Lower oil pan gaskets – Felpro ----- Installed 12-15-18
Valve cover gaskets – Felpro ----- Installed 1-14-19
New Nissan OEM metal cam sensors - Boch Nissan 23731-6J90D & 23731-AL61D Installed 1-14-19
Used 04'-06' front transfer case - ($150 shipped ebay) ----- Installed 12-15-18
Brand new Bosch upstream wideband O2's - $90 each ($180) Installed 3-17-19

Transgo HD shift kit ($190 - ebay) ----- Installed 12-15-18
Front driveshaft ($90 - carpartwholesale) Installed 12-15-18
Whiteline front inner LCA bushings W52991 - $56 (ebay) Installed 12-15-18

STD list: (shat to do)
Modify upper intake manifold for 6 more fuel injectors - Finished 2-10-19
6x GT500 EV6 fuel injectors - Finished 2-10-19

Wire in AEM FIC
AEM F/IC 6 to drive 6 injectors and clamp MAF - This will make the car MAF+MAP tuned up to 24 PSI. It works very well on my 02' G20.
AEM F/ic6 ($300) - Got a open box deal $225 - Installed 4-16-19

2014 Ford GT500 injectors $200 (ebay) - Flow tested 588cc @ 3 bar
Innovate DLG-1 Dual Lambda Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge 3891 (weld in bungs and wire in) - May delete this and make a custom gauge to read factory widebands
Aeromotive FPR - Installed 4-10-19
AEM Green 340LPH fuel pump - $115 - Used a Aeromotive # 11542 pump since I had one laying around - Installed 4-10-19
Adding stock G35 return fuel line - $15 - (original feed line from 04' g35) PickNpull - Installed 4-10-19
Bypass intank regulator - (turn a plug in mini lathe and install) - Done 2-29-2019
6x aluminum injector bungs - (Fit and weld to lower section of upper intake) - Ebay $26 - Done
Custom 1/2" fuel rails - $30 (cut custom length and step drill injector top bungs - tap ends) - Done
GTX3076R ball bearing / .82 housing (Turbo was in my old G20 VET car pushing around 400whp on low boost) (I know it's small but I'm testing something new on this build, a GTX3582 may be next) (China version $650)
2.5" Mandrel bent mild steel exhaust kit $130 - has enough tubing to build 3 cars haha slight overkill

31x12x4" universal intercooler (undecided on actual type until I get the cold piping started)
2.5" couplings and aluminum pipe kit x2 (Ebay $80)
Tial 50mm BOV (China $40) Installed 4-28-19
Turbosmart Ultragate 38mm Wastegate (China $75) Installed 4-28-19
Harbor Freight LED 20psi boost gauge $17.99 - 20% coupon (Was about $15.50 with tax haha)

Other little stuff:

2008 350z HR front calipers and rotors (Parted from my 99' G20 vet car) - Done
Custom cut down AC board for 2 din radio - Done
Quad core Android 7 multimedia player - Torque app enabled $160 - Just finished install 1-5-19

RS7-G5 Remote start system $130 - Just finished install 1-5-19

Possibly tune stock ECU so we can change cold enrichment and slight primary fueling changes for ethanol.

I'm going to test the stock 156k drivetrain under boost. I will be running pump E85 (about 64% ethanol) and conservative timing to see what it can take. If for some reason I grenade the engine or tranny I have a low mileage FX35 AWD drivetrain in my garage getting rebuilt with 8.8 wiseco / eagle rods and the tranny is also getting full treatment :)

Parts list for the spare drivetrain:
2006 FX35 awd drivetrain 143k miles (same as G35x) $400 (PNP)
Wiseco CRS5680N3D 95.5mm 8.8 CR ArmorGlide/ArmorPlating piston set $510 (ebay)
Eagle H-beam con rods $435 ebay
Rotating assembly balance service $250
Dingle ball hone
Factory Nissan bearings
VQ35HR head gaskets (Felpro)
VQ35HR head bolts
Main seals / Gaskets / misc
RE5R05A rebuild - Frictions/Steels/Seals/Band (Maybe extra frictions and steels) $350

2005 G35x 156k miles

scumbagsleeper 12-19-2018 11:02 AM

My lower inner LCA was blown out so I pressed in some Whiteline bushings.
Crack all the way through my lower oil pan. The differential partially locked when the driveshaft u joint blew up and was so violent it broke one bolt boss off (thumb sized hole) and cracked the pan all the way up to the block.
I dropped the engine sub frame and replaced the lower oil pan. I used a 06' FX35 pan - A note: if changing your pan with different model/year check the locator pin on driver side for size and placement - move or drill out as needed!
Transgo HD automatic shift kit installed - Boy does this take the slop out of the box! I get a 2nd gear slip light and a 3rd gear slip light now.... Time to disable traction control now!
The spare FX35 drive train I pulled from Pick'n'Pull -- $400
Installing 2008 350z front calipers - 2006 rear caliper brackets and drilled / slotted rotors.
Rear 2006 BABs
Crime Stopper RS7-G5 and Fortin Evo All installed
Valve covers resealed - Ultra grey RTV & Fel-Pro gaskets
Inspected / Cleaned the VTC solenoids
Top end open up for some needed maintenance
Finished up the custom fuel rails and intake to add 6x GT500 injectors
Stock return-less setup. Unmodified


Modified - Added a stock 2004 fuel line - Cost about $15 from u pull yard
Making the internal fuel regulator block off plug

Just finished the return fuel system - 4-10-19
Harbor freight LED boost gauge $17.99 - 20% off FTMFW
Injector harness for the extra 6x GT500 injectors
AEM FIC6 install - 6x External injectors wired to injector outputs
I cut off the resonator flange and had to belt sand it for 20-30 mins to get a nice surface. 14 years of use has started to show the wear :)
I hammered the 2.5" mild steel tubing to fit the T3 flange. Perfect fit!
Cold side: Tial 50mm BOV and stock MAF with cut off air box flange.
Front driver wheel well with splash shields out. Hopefully I can get them back in!
Turbosmart ultragate 38mm - Feels like a 7psi spring guess I'll find out soon enough

IllaNoizeTV 12-19-2018 04:09 PM

Nice build so far. Subbed.

Blue Dream 12-20-2018 06:01 AM

What he said^. Looking forward to seeing this beast come to life fully dressed.

Urbanengineer 12-20-2018 08:49 AM

Wow im interested, awesome! I've thought about having a shop do the Transgo VB upgrade in 2019. Bring back some lost love to the car.

jbarnett250 12-20-2018 09:05 AM

Lookin' for a DIY on the custom cut down AC board for DD. Subbed to hear about this low cost turbo setup.

scumbagsleeper 12-20-2018 12:14 PM

Originally Posted by jbarnett250 (Post 7157622)
Lookin' for a DIY on the custom cut down AC board for DD. Subbed to hear about this low cost turbo setup.

I'll probably start a thread about wiring up a Android multimedia system that integrates the steering wheel controls and some info on the cut down AC board. I have cut down 2003 and 2004 model boards already I'm getting ready to start the 2005 board out of this car soon. As for DIY it would take me countless hours to put the whole process into detail as a DIY project. I have over 10 hours of tracing and also had to build a separate power supply circuit since that is part of the CD player that gets deleted.

I just started a thread today with what info I have already on the DD android install
Android radio install with AC board cut down

MooseLucifer 12-20-2018 01:06 PM

Sub'd as well!

Sounds like an awesome project and you definitely know what you're doing, and a welcome change from all the dreamer "this is my first car, what do I need to make a reliable 500whp" threads.

Kudos and good luck!

scumbagsleeper 12-20-2018 02:26 PM

Originally Posted by g356sp (Post 7157639)
Sub'd as well!

Sounds like an awesome project and you definitely know what you're doing, and a welcome change from all the dreamer "this is my first car, what do I need to make a reliable 500whp" threads.

Kudos and good luck!

Thanks! I know quite a bit on the SR20 platform but the VQ35 stuff is all very new to me. So far I'm not worried about the pistons, the Rods are pretty small but are very similar to the RR SR20 stuff. If I get 525whp (not that I'm shooting for that) out of the stock VQ35DE it would be the same HP per liter I'm getting out of my G20's bone stock SR20 roller rocker car (300whp). If you aren't familiar with the RR SR20 it is the engine that everyone used to throw out because they said the rods were junk and piston ring lands were thin. With E85 and no chance of detonation they hold up just as good as our old bulletproof DE and DET engines. I bet the VQ35DE can handle 450-500 everyday in stock form with ethanol and good tuning.

scumbagsleeper 12-20-2018 02:33 PM

I scored a rear wing and aftermarket rear bumper extension (nismo maybe??) at the junkyard. I'm not sure if I want to add them to this car yet... I kinda like the stock wheels and base body as a sleeper car. I just noticed that the previous owner removed the G35X badges so the trunk only has the I N F I N I T I emblem.

yosip1115 12-22-2018 12:52 AM

I put 25k on my 350z at 475WHP, sold it, and the buyer has put another 10K on it, for a total of 75k on that DE motor now. It's all about the tune. Not sure if I would do anything other than uprev with the uprev MAF, unless going for north of 600, then time for a haltech.

scumbagsleeper 12-22-2018 01:19 PM

Yeah but uprev/uprev maf alone is over $1000 + the big injectors (about 600-700) and a complete map retune from what I have priced is about $600. That would be over half of my build budget :)

onevq35de 12-22-2018 11:58 PM

Hp is one thing. Torque is another. High HP on a stock DE via supercharger and it'll hold up until you spin a bearing but big torque coming in low from a turbo or N2O will destroy the stock engine and the built automatic transmission. A fully built RE5RO5A in an FX will hold around 400 ft lbs from a turbo but more from a supercharger. It's how the torque hits that makes the difference. The transmission will slip. A guy who's put a lot into his turbo'd FX (RWD) over the years is on his 3rd transmission build. He found out the hard way. A G should fair a little better because it is lighter and the wheels are smaller. The transfer case can handle more than the transmission, so AWD is not the issue.
I hear installing ARP bolts on the bottom of the rods will help the bearings hold up better.

scumbagsleeper 12-23-2018 01:46 AM

Yeah, I'll be building something that gets into boost a little later than twin turbos so I'm not too worried until I see what 8-10lbs on the dyno does. The re5 transmission we are going build in the garage should be good once we find out the major wear items from the stock shift kitted 156k mile G35x. We are getting pretty good results with little RE4F03's in the G20's. Once we found the weak points we have been able to get about 300whp to the ground. That's pretty awesome since they are in a car that only puts 120-125whp down stock. I have researched the RE5 pretty good and I'm not too worried about what it can handle modified. Seeing that they are in stock applications like the titan truck 5.6l at almost 400ft/lbs and that's stock with no shift kit or special torque converter.

onevq35de 12-23-2018 07:11 AM

A shift kit or torque converter isn't going to save that transmission. I have a Transgo also and love it. I'm AWD and chirp 2nd all day long and even 3rd ever so slightly on occasion in a fat-assed FX. The Transgo will keep down the heat between shifts but does nothing to "fortify" the tranny. The problem is the clutch packs. Even with the top built RE5RO5A from IPT, they're talking about a rating of 500 hp which is odd because who rates a transmission at horsepower? This is what I was told over the phone. HP doesn't kill trannys, it's torque and torque down low and too much of it around shift points.
You could call John @ IPT and ask him what his built nissan tranny will handle in terms of torque. He builds'em and sells the kit to build'em as well. The FX I referred to was a ST, not a TT, so a ST has the potential to put down too much too soon also. A Vortech supercharged FX was putting down near 500hp/400tq(?) to the wheels on a stock block and stock tranny for nearly 1 year before the tranny started slipping. The newer 7 speed auto's are even weaker and not desirable for FI IMO. Check out the g37 auto guys and all they're slipping transmissions at lower power levels. :bowrofl: The 7 speeds the one to get with modest power though.

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