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Forum Rules

Below are some simple rules and guidelines that you are required to know and obey as a member of G35DRIVER.COM Forums. We require these rules for the security and status of the board and for your own safety. Your cooperation with these rules will help us keep the board a fun place to visit. Please visit us often as we enjoy your presence and input.

By viewing our forums you have agreed to the following rules:

This or any "not work safe" material is strictly prohibited. Posting, requesting or trading of such will lead to being banned. There are also borderline sites and/or pictures which we choose to ban; if you post one of these, the post will be deleted, do not repeat or you will be banned. If you find a thread that contains pornography, it should be reported to the staff by using the 'report a post' icon.

The forum has people from many walks of life. People's religion, race, political beliefs, age etc., vary immensely. Please be mature and caring towards others. Offenders will receive one warning only and failure to comply after that will result in being banned. If you have a personal problem with someone on the forum resolve it by private messaging. - NOT on this board or posting in the forum. G35DRIVER.COM will not tolerate abuse of another member.

You are not allowed to post links to other G35 forums or sites, unless the topic on hand is related to the topic elsewhere, but you must link directly to the topic, not the site itself. We pride ourselves on the information available here and on our integrity. We will not be affiliated with any other forum which may have lesser standings on rules and policies. Anyone caught spamming another site whether by PM or in the forums, will be banned.

Do not post your or others personal information of any kind, including IP addresses. Apart from anything else, this is for board security and your security. You may post your personal e-mail/homepage address, understanding that it is viewable in the public domain.

Please post your topics in the appropriate forums. This makes it easier for all members as well as the forum staff. Any post that is in the wrong section will be moved without notice.

Any attempt that is made to gain unauthorized access to our Gallery, database or server will result in your IP address being automatically banned from the forum. As will any attempt to brute force another Member/Moderator/Admin account. This action will be taken immediately and is required for security purposes. We log all IP addresses so can easily find out who is doing what and pass on these details to the relevant authorities if necessary.

Please use the search function before posting or asking a question. It is a much more efficient and quicker way of getting your question answered. Another reason is to reduce the amount of duplicate posts and to conserve some server space.

Do not post any meaningless roll call posts, or any posts that is a waste of server resources and bandwidth. They are not allowed and will result in your post count being set to zero. Applicable to this rule is abuse of the "Thanks" system, which is intended to note posts that are exceptionally useful have made positive contributions to the forum.


No commercial or promotional materials or links are permitted in posts or signatures. Any posts or signatures that can be construed as; competition to our sponsors or G35DRIVER.COM or as obvious traffic stealing posts "may" be removed without notice. Understand that we have sponsors paying money for advertising.

Harassment or flaming of any kind will not be tolerated. Posts that incite arguments or flame wars, include name calling or that pick fights etc. will be strictly moderated. Post of this nature or that contribute nothing but negativity can result in the immediate closing or deletion or editing of the post.

Any insults or harassment towards staff members will result in instant banishment.


Please keep signature text and picture sizes within the limits of the signature rules. Signatures load on every post, so size impacts the page load time (especially for those on dial-up). Do not place any advertisements in your signature unless you are an approved sponsor. Please see detailed Signature Rules  here.


Polls older than 2 months old will be locked. The reason for this is to make space for newer threads. Polls are bumped every time someone votes; that can cause it to stay on the 1st page all the time.

Do not post anything subject to copyright laws or make search request posts involving privacy. This includes videos, photographs, literature, requests and links to downloads of copyrighted material(s). Soliciting of paid for services, subscriptions or privacy searches are not allowed on this forum.
For example;
- Carfax searches
- VIN searches
The Carfax EULA'S specifically address the issue of one subscription, one user. We have been asked (by Carfax) in the past to remove such request(s).

Do not post the same or similar thread in multiple forums. This is waste server space and resources. Post your thread in one place only. It will be seen.

When a post is locked or deleted or when member account is suspended and/or banned, it is for a justified reason. Do NOT make another post in continuation of the locked/deleted posts or your account is subject to being banned. Do NOT make a new post demanding explanation of why a post was locked or deleted. If you would like explanation of a closed or deleted post, PM one of the moderators.


The "Private Classifieds" forum is for private sellers offering the sale of individual items. It is NOT for any person, company or business of any size or type (including salvage yards and used parts companies) to sell merchandise of any retail nature or to make a profit. Any company attempting to sell multiple quantities of items or in a retail nature without being a sponsor of this site is subject to being banned.
Do not post anything "for sale" if it is not yours or allow someone else to sell an item using your account. Doing so will result in a ban for both parties.
Do not post a "for sale" message of any type in any forum other than the Classifieds. Posts will be removed without notice.
Please review the detailed Classified Posting Rules.

Internet scams can happen at any time. The owners and administrators of G35DRIVER.COM are not responsible in any way and cannot guarantee the ability of a seller to complete the transaction or the quality of the items. It is strongly recommended that you use C.O.D. or an online escrow service. Always use common sense and do research on the product and the seller before making any deal.

Members are to post what they would like a Group Buy on, and wait for a sponsoring vendor to reply and set it up from there. Alternatively, a Group Buy can be organized by a Premier Member. This Group Buy must be organized in the forum specifically assigned for this and no other. If a vendor is willing to make a profit from this site, they should be willing to step up and become a sponsor and give back to the site that is helping them make the profit. Any post made containing information on a Group Buy being handled by a company who is not a paying advertiser of this site will be locked or deleted. Any company attempting to set up or promote a Group Buy without being a sponsoring vendor is subject to banishment.

If you are, or do represent a business, and wish to purchase advertising space on G35DRIVER.COM, please contact IB Advertising for rate information. If it is brought to our attention that you are a company or business using the G35DRIVER.COM to promote your business or to sell or distribute products or a retail nature, you will be subject to INSTANT banishment, whether it be through your username, signature, postings, or any other form.

Considering the real-time nature of our forum, it is impossible for us to review messages or confirm the validity of information posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. Discussions revolving graphically sexual situations, [promoted use of] drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, intended or executed criminal activity, etc. will be deleted from the forum and bans issued (where applicable), so please refrain from such content. Forum content also includes language. Although there is an automatic filter that censors inappropriate/profane language, intentional attempts to bypass this filter will result in one warning and then a ban (Anything Goes forum is exempt). The language filter is implemented for a purpose, thus it should not be intentionally circumvented. Please use common sense when posting pictures. Nudity, gore, violent acts (and results thereof) amongst other images are not allowed. Please note that this includes pictures in your avatar and/or signature. This is a public site, accessible by minors as well. So please keep all viewable pictures/avatars/signatures under the common PG rating. Offensive avatars / signatures may be reported to our staff, and removed at their discretion. Any violations noted here are subject to ban as per moderator discretion.

We do not condone ANY STREET RACING, HIGH SPEEDS or UNSAFE DRIVING on public roads! As such, any and all videos, pictures or discussions relating to the above will be deleted without notice.

G35Driver wholeheartedly supports "taking it to the track".
If your topic is track related, you may post it.

Multiple user accounts are not permitted. Any member discovered with multiple accounts will be subject to immediate banishment.

Vendors are allowed to have a personal account in addition to their vendor account, however they are not allowed to post in their vendor threads, conduct business, or in any way act in the capacity of their company from their personal account. This would include bumping their own vendor thread from their personal account, and/or providing "feedback" on their own company from their personal account. Violation of this rule will be grounds for immediate banishment of the vendor's personal account, and may result in the vendor account itself coming under review.

Navigation / Video Bypass Hack Threads are Not Allowed, they will be removed without notice - For additional details Please Read.

Infractions or warnings are issued for misbehavior or for breaking the Terms of Use (TOU) rules. Multiple infraction points will result in banishment.
Subsequent or repeated infractions will result in increasing levels of banishment, ultimately resulting in permanent banishment. These infraction points are permanent and non-expiring.

G35DRIVER.COM reserves the right to change these rules at any time and the staff's word is final.

If you receive an e-mail/private message from a "Moderator" addressing behavioral issues please don't take it as a personal attack. The Staff of G35DRIVER.COM are here to assist with making this site run smoothly and this means from time to time Staff may offer corrective suggestions and/or advice.

Rules as stated above apply to ALL forums within the G35DRIVER.COM Forums community however; certain forums contain rules in ADDITION to those set out above. You must also adhere to the applicable individual rules when you post in that particular forum. Individual forum rules will be found in that forum as an announcement.

Please feel free to report any posts that you feel are in violation of the terms set forth. Use the "Report this Post to a Moderator" method or a moderator you see online. Either way is acceptable and appreciated.

In short, any unsuitable attitudes or lack in common sense will a be violation of the rules. Any violations could end up banning you from this board and also from "the system"!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and familiarize yourself with our forum rules, policies and guidelines. And thank you for your cooperation regarding changes in the rules. We understand that all Members make up this G35 community and we hope that by placing a few rules in effect that we can continue to make an enjoyable G35DRIVER.COM experience.


NO personal advertising in your sigs, unless you are a paid advertiser. This includes personal auctions and parts for sale.
NO profanity, racial slurs, nudity, etc. in sigs or images
NO links to direct competitors to either this site or its sponsors. Please exercise courtesy to those who work to maintain this site.

Any signatures that break any of the above rules will be removed without warning. Any signatures that the Administrators or Moderators of this site find offensive, in bad taste, or otherwise objectionable may be removed at their sole discretion.

Signature Allowances:

Registered Members
1 Line of text

Premier Members
4 Lines of text
1 URL link using URL tag
1 Image using IMG tag (234x60 dimensions, max size 21kb) Signature images may be hosted wherever you wish, but cannot be uploaded directly to G35driver.com
Image Example Size

4 Lines of test
1 URL link using URL tag
1 Image link, see above stipulations regarding hosting (468x60 dimensions, max size 50kb)
Image Example Size

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