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  1. Fs: Oem cats
  2. FS: OEM G35 Coupe Exhaust 2004
  3. WTB Canada: OEM G35 Coupe Resonator/Midpipe
  4. FS Canada: Exhaust with CATS
  5. WTB: HR Y pipe
  6. WTB Canada: looking for HFC
  7. WTB Canada: 04 G35 Sedan muffler
  8. WTB Canada: 04 G35 Sedan RWD Mid Pipe and or Y Pipe
  9. Denso O2 sensor, B1S2
  10. WTB Canada: Cat Convertor
  11. WTB Canada: Wtb oem coupe exhaust
  12. WTB Canada: Wtb Hr y pipe
  13. WTB Canada: Coupe Midpipe and HR Y
  14. WTB Canada: Particial exhaust to fit 2003 coupe
  15. WTB Canada: WTB: 03-07 G35 Coupe Stock Midpipe (Located in Vancouver but will pay for shipping)
  16. FS Canada: Borla exhaust/ Berk test pipes
  17. WTB Canada: ART pipes
  18. WTB Canada: HR mid-pipe
  19. Need 04 Sedan Muffler
  20. FS Canada: 2006 Coupe COMPLETE brake kit, only 7,000 KMs on them !
  21. FS Canada: 2006 Coupe OEM Exhaust - Virtually brand new
  22. WTB Canada: Looking for OEM 03/04 g35 sedan Muffler/Resonator
  23. WTB Canada: OEM 2003 G35 Sedan Muffler
  24. WTB Canada: Y-Pipe - ANY in the GTA or KW
  25. WTB Canada: OEM CATS for 2005 sedan
  26. FS Canada: Selling full Megan catback exhaust Y pipe too almost new!
  27. WTB Canada: Stillen 03-06 Generation 1 Exhaust AWD
  28. WTB Canada: OEM Catalytic Converters
  29. FS Canada: FS : Fujitsubo Y pipe
  30. FS Canada: 1st gen Sedan Stillen Catback
  31. FS Canada: GTM Resonated Test Pipes for G37/370z VQ35HR VQ37HR
  32. FS Canada: Motordyne ART pipes + Nismo headers
  33. FS Canada: Tanabe Hyper Medallion Exhaust
  34. WTB Canada: Sedan Muffler (04/V35)
  35. WTB Canada: High flow cats
  36. WTB Canada: Midpipe Coupe
  37. WTB Canada: HR Y-Pipe, Coupe midpipe, or 350z midpipe or other exhaust
  38. WTB Canada: hfc highflow cats
  39. FS Canada: Tanabe Medallion Muffler
  40. FS Canada: TANABE 03-06 G355 Sedan Exhaust (Medalion Touring)
  41. FS Canada: (4) TPMS tire pressure sensors off a 2008 G37
  42. WTB Canada: 06 G35 Sedan aftermarket exhaust or muffler (prefer magnaflow)
  43. FS Canada: HKS True Dual
  44. WTB Canada: Looking for 03-04 OEM Sedan Muffler GTA
  45. FS Canada: FS: Remus Catback Exhaust
  46. FS Canada: HR Ypipe, 350Z midpipe & muffler, midpipe extension
  47. WTB Canada: HR-Y-Pipe
  48. FS Canada: 05-06 sedan magnaflow rear section
  49. FS Canada: Fast Intention, ARC and ztube
  50. Parting Out Toronto: Fast Intention, ARC, Tein
  51. FS Canada: FS: 2007 350Z Exhaust Muffler (fits G35 coupes)
  52. FS Canada: Coupe Y pipe HR and mid Pipe
  53. WTB Canada: Coupe Mid-pipe, 350z Mid-pipe, HR - Y-Pipe, Ztube
  54. WTB Canada: 350Z HR Y-pipe
  55. FS Canada: NISMO LIP - Sedan
  56. FS Canada: COUPE MIDPIPE - 150 PLUS your oem mid pipe installed.
  57. FS Canada: HR Y Pipe $150 plus swap your stock one in
  58. WTB Canada: Y - Pipe for 2003 Sedan
  59. WTB Canada: Nismo Exhaust Extension
  60. FS Canada: Berk technology HFC
  61. FS Canada: 350Z HR Y pipe