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  1. FS: Firestone wide oval 245-45-18s
  2. Stock and other items for sale.
  3. FS BNIB MotorDyne ART Pipes
  4. FT: Swap Rear DG bumper with Nismo diffuser for OEM rear bumper with splash guards
  5. FT: Swap Data Systems Spoiler trunk for OEM wing or wingless
  6. FT: 19" Jline 5rl2 with Falken 452s for OEM Rays 19's
  7. WTB: Coupe Taillights
  8. some parts for sale
  9. I happen to have:
  10. Polished GTSpec Strut bar for sale
  11. BNIB Hawk Ceramic pads 155
  12. Fs nismo shift knob
  13. FS: Vader
  14. Hawk Performance ceramic brake pads (05-06 coupe)
  15. Broadway mirrors
  16. Nismo front bumper
  17. Who wants a TV
  18. Motordyne 5/16" spacer
  19. Samco intake
  20. Misc. stuff for sale
  21. All Silver stock body parts for sale!!
  22. FS: Pioneer Avic N1 DVD/Navigation Unit
  23. FS: Axis Penta 20" Staggered w/ Tires $1,100
  24. Hi Flow Cats and Osiris for Sale
  25. WTB: Key fob remote
  26. 06 DG coupe front bumper
  27. Shank approved deals
  28. WTB: 03-07 coupe right front lower control arm
  29. WTB: undamaged G35 Hood Hinges
  30. Feeler black coupe seats
  31. WTB: 03/06 5AT shift knob
  32. WTB: Side Skirts
  33. PS3 Games & DSLR FS: Pacific Northwest local only
  34. Wtb: Ps3
  35. FS: Philips D2R 6000K Bulbs
  36. WTB: G35 Coupe 6speed
  37. FEELER: DG Impul (OG Klumzee) FG sideskirts Coupe
  38. FEELER: Front OEM Lip
  39. FS: *PNW* OEM grill matte black
  40. Custom Painted Coupe Headlights FS
  41. Trade: DG Rear trunk (wingless) for DG Winged trunk
  42. FS: Nismo TI 6MT Knob, Aero Guards, OEM Bose Radio, 20 & 25mm Spacers, TONS O STUFF
  43. FS: Got few things for sale!
  44. *PNW VQ's* FS: Carbon Fiber Ings+1 spoiler
  45. FS: HKS panel filter *PNW*
  46. Local Shop Recomendations
  47. Group buy #2