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  1. WTB: Stock gtr exhaust
  2. FS: Exoticspeed R1-t Exhaust
  3. WTB: OEM 05 Coupe Exhaust
  4. FS NorCal: Crawford HFC
  5. WTB: HR Y pipe for 04 coupe
  6. FS: Selling 2nd Gen Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF)
  7. FS: Selling one OEM Cat
  8. FS SoCal: OEM 06 Cats 55k
  9. FS: G37 Y pipe
  10. FS: Fast intentions exhaust with RHFCs
  11. FS: Motordyne VQ exhaust/ resonated XYZ for first gen sedans
  12. FS SoCal: BNIB G35 Coupe Magnaflow Exhaust #16641
  13. FS SoCal: OEM 2003 G35 Sedan Mid Pipe
  14. FS SoCal: Fast Intentions Traditional Catback / Sebring Tuning
  15. FS NorEast: 2004 infiniti g35 coupe MOTORDYNE ART TEST PIPES
  16. FS SoEast: Authentic HKS Dual Hi-Power Titanium (Ti) Exhaust - Miami, FL
  17. WTT: JIC Exhaust - Spartan 505S Ti Spartan DE Type2 TI Exhaust YPipe Back Full Titanium
  18. WTB: muffler for 05/06 G35x
  19. WTB: ExoticSpeed R1-T PWR Catback Exhaust
  20. WTB: OEM Y-Pipe (SF Bay Area)
  21. FS NorCal: NIB Invidia 60mm test pipse for 02-07 G35/350z
  22. WTB: Stock cats
  23. WTB: Looking for Berk or FI HFC's
  24. FS NorCal: Nismo S Tune Left Exhaust Tip 2x GTR OEM Exhaust Tip
  25. WTB: MagnaFlow Muffler
  26. FS SoEast: OEM Cats and stabilizer bracket gaskets and hardware included
  27. FS: NEW DC Headers Ceramic Coated
  28. FS SoCal: Top Speed Resonated Test Pipes BNIB
  29. WTB: ART pipes
  30. FS Texas: HR Y Pipe
  31. FS: FS Art pipes v2 & XYZ pipe
  32. FS: HKS Hi-Power Dual Exhaust
  33. WTB: First Gen Sedan Muffler - Open to Stock and Aftermarket
  34. FS SoCal: Invidia Test Pipes
  35. WTB SoCal: Coupe midpipe
  36. FS SoCal: USED 2006 G35 Coupe Midpipe
  37. WTB: OEM Catalytic Converters
  38. FS: JIC Magic Spartan DE Type 1 Ti Series Full titanium
  39. FS Texas: OEM and M2 Y Pipes
  40. FS: OEM DE Y pipe
  41. FS SoCal: OEM 350Z HR exhaust and DE Y-Pipe
  42. FS SoEast: Authentic HKS Dual Hi-Power Titanium (Ti) Exhaust - Miami, FL
  43. WTB: Hks replica extension pipes for coupe!
  44. FS SoCal: Aspec Blast Pipes
  45. WTB: Any Non-OEM Axle-Back
  46. FS SoCal: M2 Performance HKS Replica Exhaust - Must go by July 31
  47. WTB: Mid pipe Sedan
  48. FS: Motordyne Yback exhaust (2 sets of axlebacks)
  49. FS NorEast: Nismo Exhaust with extension tip located in MD
  50. FS SoCal: OE Exhaust Manifold from 2007 Sedan (HR Motor)
  51. FS: Berk HFC, cracked (easy fix)
  52. FS SoCal: Motordyne TDX2 Full Exhaust BNIB!
  53. FS: megan resonated test pipes
  54. WTB: OEM catalytic converters
  55. FS SoCal: Fujitsubo Legalis-R Sedan Exhaust (2003.5-2006)
  56. FS SoCal: Sebring Tuning Muffler
  57. WTB: Motordyne XYZ, HR Y Pipe, or other aftermarket Y pipe
  58. WTB: Shorty style Headers
  59. FS: Invidia Gemini True Dual exhaust
  60. FS SoCal: Tanabe Y-Pipe *Brand New*
  61. WTB: 02 Oxygen Sensor
  62. FS: ARK Ti exhaust 1200
  63. FS SoCal: Nismo exhaust
  64. FS: Motordyne Art Pipes V2
  65. FS: Invidia Gemini Full Catback Exhaust
  66. FS: Stock Exhaust: Mid-pipe Rear Muffler
  67. WTB NorEast: Motordyne XYZ G35 Y-Pipe w/ Straight Pipe
  68. FS: DC headers part # NHC 4201
  69. WTB: Authentic HKS Hi Power Exhaust
  70. FS: Nismo S-Tune Mid Pipe & Y Pipe
  71. FS SoEast: G35 exhaust extensions
  72. WTB: OEM exhaust, cats, y-pipe (G35 coupe - DE)
  73. WTB: Motordyne xyz
  74. FS: Motordyne V1 ART Pipes
  75. WTB: HKS Replica
  76. FS SoCal: OEM res and Mufflers
  77. FS: FS: NEW MotorDyne Art Pipes for DE
  78. FS: OEM Coupe Midpipe + Muffler
  79. WTB: HFC's 06G35
  80. WTB: Motordyne XYZ w/ Resonator
  81. FS NorEast: New GReddy TIC True Dual Stainless Steel Exhaust
  82. FS: Motordyne ART Pipes (HR) V2
  83. FS: PARTING OUT!!! (Motordyne TDX2, ART Pipes, and tons more)
  84. WTB: MotorDyne exhaust
  85. FS: OEM Catalytic Converters
  86. FS NorEast: OEM Catalytic Converters
  87. FS: Borla g35 exhaust system "REAR MUFFLER ONLY"
  88. WTT: Quad Projectors trade for Cat back exhaust
  89. FS: DE Crawford Jet Hotted headers
  90. FS: Megan V2 Resonated Test Pipes
  91. FS West: V2 DE ART pipes
  92. FS Canada: Fast Intentions HFCs
  93. WTB: OEM HR Y pipe
  94. FS: Fast intention 300 cell high flow cats
  95. WTB: Driver side oem cat
  96. FS: MD ART V1 Pipes
  97. WTB: ARTS pipes
  98. FS SoCal: MD XYZ pipe w/HFC and resonator modules - local sale
  99. FS SoCal: BERK HFCs VQ35 fitment - local sale
  100. WTB: V36 Sedan CAT