2003 Sedan Receives Drift Build for Maximum Tilt

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Alex Docken knows the importance of living to the fullest and how time really is of the essence when considering what to do with your life. After losing his mother-in-law and having brushes with calamity himself, he is frightfully aware of mortality. That desire to grab hold of something and not waste time went right into how he approached this G sedan. Mere hours after he bought the car from its first owner he had already lowered it on coils, threw in new seats, a Nardi steering wheel, and fitted new wheels.

When asked why a 4-door for a drift build Alex replied that “for all the sedans available in the U.S., the G35 has plenty of aftermarket support since it shares many parts with the coupe counterpart and 350Z.” The car’s styling comes from a Chicago influence and the D1GP Japan competition cars of the early 2000s. “Those type of cars weren’t built for max performance, but more max excitement,” Alex explains. “I care more about the style of a car and the fun of driving, not because some dude wins first place at a contest. That’s what drifting will always be about to me, and I want future generations to see super exciting cars and continue coming up with new ideas to make drifting more exciting.”

The VQ35DE engine has been worked over by receiving a boost in the form of a turbo with custom fabrication that includes a V-mount intercooler and an exhaust system. Other custom touches include a roll cage inside the car which was designed by Oppomoto, Work VS-XXs that combined black barrels with white/gold flake faces, and 24K gold-plated hardware.

Alex, like many of us, holds to one simple ethos when it comes to how he wishes to build his car: “If you’re going to build a dope car, make sure you drive it hard! It’s the most important part and the most fun!”

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