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2003 Sedan Receives Drift Build for Maximum Tilt

Alex Docken knows the importance of living to the fullest and how time really is of the essence when considering what to do with your life. After losing his mother-in-law and having brushes with calamity himself, he is frightfully aware of mortality. That desire to grab hold of something and not waste time went right […] More »

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6 Most Popular Starter Mods for the Infiniti G35 Sedan

G35 mods

If you want to give your G35 some more personality but don’t know where to start, check out these simple and affordable modifications. Getting the look and feel you want from your Infiniti G35 sedan doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With some mods, you can give your car a unique personality that properly […] More »

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California’s New Loud Law Can Cost You $1,000

Earlier this month, G35 Driver forum member Edgarc6789 posted some news that bears repeating. California issued a new exhaust law, and based on early reactions, auto enthusiasts who have spent time and money modifying their exhaust systems are not pleased. According to the CHP Information Bulletin No. 98-100, excessive exhaust noise is not permitted in passenger […] More »

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