6 Most Popular Starter Mods for the Infiniti G35 Sedan

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G35 mods

If you want to give your G35 some more personality but don’t know where to start, check out these simple and affordable modifications.

Getting the look and feel you want from your Infiniti G35 sedan doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With some mods, you can give your car a unique personality that properly represents you.

1. Wheels

Parts Cost: $800-$1500

Perhaps the most noticeable cheap mod is upgrading your wheels. It’s hard to argue that 19” rims are the perfect fit for the G35. And while buying a set of aftermarket wheels can get a little expensive, you can always pick up a set of 19-inchers from a Coupe model to complete the look of your sedan. And to give your wheels a more sinister aesthetic, many G35 Drivers like to go with a blacked-out look.

G35 dropped


2. New Headlight /  Smoked Taillight 

Parts Cost: $250-400

A subtle but effective way of spicing up the appearance of your G35 is to update the headlights and add a smoked look to the taillights with a painted housing or an overlay. These can give your car’s fascia an angrier and more aggressive personality.

3. Suspension Drop

Parts Cost: $150-$3000

The look and stance of most cars can benefit from a slightly lowered suspension, and the G35 is no different. Look for lowering kits such as the Eibach Pro Kit Spring set, BC Coilovers, or AccuAir air suspension.

4. Exhaust Kit

Parts Cost: $400-$1200

While the stock G35 already sounds pretty good, you can always improve it with aftermarket exhaust parts. Kits from Borla and HKS are safe choices. Our forum members agree that the HKS is perhaps the better choice. It is not only stylish, but the kit also has a great note.

G35 Exhaust

5. Plenum Spacer Kit

Parts Cost: $250-$310

Plenum spacer kits are perhaps the most effective affordable performance mods for your G35. These kits go under the upper plenum and can give you up to an extra 10 to 15 horsepower. FYI you’ll need a torque wrench to get this job done correctly.

G35 Plenum Spacer

6. Intake

Parts Cost: $170-$400

And lastly, another way to improve the sound of your G35 would be to upgrade the intake. Since the stock airbox on the G35 is already supremely capable, you have to be careful to upgrade to a part that doesn’t cost you any power. Z-Tube and JWT Pop Charger are recommended by G35 Drivers if you want an enhanced sound. For those seeking more performance, forum members approve of Borla and Stillen as well.

G35 JWT Intake

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