Infiniti is Looking to Sell Only EVs By 2025

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Many of us are still holding onto our current Infiniti Gs, but there are members who have traded up or simply left the fold. To keep with consumer tastes and also looking forward to ethical power plants for vehicles, Infiniti has announced that they are looking to sell only EVs and hybrids starting in 2025. That’s right. In six years, Nissan’s lux division is going to tell petrol hounds that they need to shove off. Okay, that’s not the verbiage being used, but if you’re hoping to buy a model that still guzzles on gasoline your friendship with the clerk at the gas station is going to be akin to a long distance relationship.

“The purpose for the next two to three years is not to grow,” Christian Meunier, the new president of Infiniti says. “It’s to consolidate and to prepare for the launch of all these cars. It’s to get ready for electrification.” If things go as well as Nissan is hoping, and that is yet to be seen with the legal trouble that Carlos Ghosn is currently facing. In looking towards the new generation of buyers that could be purchasing Infiniti models in the next ten years, 40% of that new generation will statically be buying new car models. Nissan is hoping that the crowd won’t care about the big German brands and will be focused more on how a particular car makes them feel and the tech that will be packaged in it. Meunier explains, “They want to feel different. They want a product that makes them better as a person. Infiniti has a big role to play there.”

The most recent of what an EV from Infiniti could bring to the market came in the form of the QX Inspiration concept. The automaker describes the model as a presentation of the future as far as the exterior and interior, but no word on what kind of hypothetical performance it would have. The fact that the column that’s blank is the one that has to do with road performance is concerning since many of us came to Nissan and Infiniti because of the sports influence.

The QX Inspiration is the follow up to the Prototype 10 which was unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and “represents a physical manifestation” of the sporty side of upcoming battery-powered vehicles. “To my eye, the car has a ‘60s vibe to it,” says Infiniti spokesman Kyle Bazemore. “It’s a flight of fancy, if you will, to give a nod to what is coming.”

I love Nissan and really hope that if they do go forward with their hybrid and EV plans that they don’t forget about what made them so special for so many decades. Only time will tell and we will just have to wait and see what the plans bring about. In the meantime, I’ll be holding onto my beautiful oil burning G coupe.

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