What We Did to Our Gs in January

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Ask your local G owner what they’ve done to their G35 lately and you will get a plethora of different responses. Taking a stroll through one of our more popular forum threads, What Did You Do to the G Today? confirms this. Just looking at what folks have done since January 1st will give you some great ideas of what is trending in the world of G35 modifications. From hose and radiator swaps to a Seibon C style carbon trunk, our forum members are keeping their Gs young and relevant.

Stock-Ish is Losing Stock Fast

Stock-Ish swapped out all of his hoses for Z1 hoses and swapped out his OEM radiator for Mishimoto. He performed a super coolant and oil flush and installed a new O2 Upstream Sensor. He also added a new lightweight battery (for the summer season).

Pro Tip

cswlightning reminds us that the hoses are full of fluid, so to avoid messy leakage, you want to replace them at the same time that you do a cooling system overhaul and oil change.

No Carbon Footprints on this Trunk

It was a Happy New Year for Albanian122 who purchased and installed a Seibon C Style carbon trunk two weeks into the new year. He bought the trunk from Concept Z Performance because it had the best price and shipping was under $100. Probably a smart move because SAMzG35 commented that he ordered a hood from Outcast Garage (OG) over a month ago and still he’s received no word on shipping. When he ordered it, he was told it was in stock. Go figure. Albanian122 revealed that he had to cancel two orders with OG because it took too long for shipping.

The Color Flicker is Amazing

Meanwhile, cswlightning has made some progress on his retrofitted OEM headlights. Now he needs to seal them, get the LED turn signals and RGB halos wired up. He also aligned light output from a pair of $50 TRS Acme Super mini H1 bi-xenon projectors, TRS Acme 430k HIDs, and cheap 35W ballasts.

While it’s Apart

TokkioDrift reported that with good weekend weather, he was able to pull his interior apart to deal with some nagging rattles and wash the carpets. He cleaned out the acorns and broken clips and decided to work on some other projects while everything was already exposed. Here’s his list:

  1. Ran wiring for a 5 ch amp to replace his noisy blower and did some sound deadening in the cabin and trunk. Moved the front components back to the rear seat, installed new kappas in the front. Moved the escort over to its own fused line and wired in a dash cam.
  2. A few months ago, my dog punched a paw through the apparently thin/brittle passenger seat during an emergency drive to the vet, which was like the icing on a sh*t sandwich of a day. But she’s fine now and seats can be fixed, right? Grandma was a seamstress and upholsterer, and while I haven’t done any upholstery without her help, I think she blessed me with enough skills to make this work. So I pulled front seat upholstery off started disassembly for templating. Ordered some nice vinyl. Going to do a grey thread diamond stitch on the seat and back instead of the perforated… staying with black. Will carry the diamond over to the door and rear seat panels. Not sure if I will attempt to embroider Mt Fuji.
    Gotta figure out how to add some oomph back to my front seat bolsters.
  3. Trying to re-dye the Push Buttons on the seat belt release
  4. Going to install the RJM clutch pedal I bought a while back along with a new slave and stainless line.
  5. Thinking about a short shifter, but need to research.

We don’t have any photos yet so naturally, we are eager to see TokkioDrift‘s sewing skills put to the test.

When 909 Had a 911

Forum member 909 had a bit of a 911 when his driver’s door got stuck shut.  After weeks of a frozen seized latch assembly, he was able to slim jim the car door open with the windows rolled down. He claims it was a “nightmare” but the good news was that he didn’t have to but a new $500 latch from the dealer or completely destroy his car like the guy in this video:

Pro Tip

Make a coat hanger straight then bend a hook at the end.

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