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Today 02:20 PM

Bro are these still available
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Today 02:18 PM

https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/g35driver.com-vbulletin/1120x2000/c8ad390d_fddf_49c4_8 49c_3344c96b3ab3_2b5 37f184534cd5268ea45c 8b54fa7fd0bb62e7d.pn g This part with the 2 hard lines
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Today 01:44 PM

I never noticed it when I was cleaning them but I wasn't exactly LOOKING for it either, I would have to pull my coolant reservoir off to verify. My assumption is the alternator ground goes down to...
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Today 01:42 PM

I'm actually surprised they have different harnesses on them. Most of the 350Z stuff is a direct plug-n-play to the G35
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Today 01:22 PM

https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/g35driver.com-vbulletin/599x399/picture_php_picturei d_16171_db4b5a1f511e 475db5de7ae2e929b34d 01a843c4_1e97451c3c8 a7beace3e3e7decbb601 54127818e.jpg...
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Today 01:00 PM

Nice looking car, you should be able to fetch the asking price even with a salvage title. However you need to add a valid confirmation picture as per the marketplace rules. ...
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Today 12:59 PM

I think myself and the others thought you meant the HORN honk when using the key fob. You mean the "smart lock/unlock" function with the small, black button on the door handle that locks or unlocks...
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Today 12:54 PM

They're a good shop, they'll probably sell you those two replacement lines separate from the kit.
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Today 12:53 PM

It could literally be anything on that corner, strut, ball joint, wheel bearing, bushings, tie rod end. Get it up in the air and start pulling on stuff until you can replicate the sound. If you...
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Today 12:51 PM

Ahhh I see what you did now, so it uses the stock MAF until it caps out then it runs off the MAP sensor you have installed. That's pretty sneaky and I like it.
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Today 12:37 PM

No they will not, Altima rear shocks have Extended length 21.18 Compressed length 14.48 Stroke length 6.7 G35X rear shocks has Extended length 22.12 Compressed length 14.8
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Today 12:23 PM

Loctite 242 or 243, stay away from 272 unless the application specifically calls for permanent bonding.
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By: mealad
Today 11:14 AM

price drop
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Today 11:08 AM

Does anyone have any updates to their website or the vendor themselves ? It's been down the last few days and I'm very interested in buying this bumper ):
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Today 11:05 AM

I Think I found the solution !!! This is a two part purchase to do it for the g35 sedan. I am working with Ultra Racing right now to determine if this will work with the AWD model, as its not really...
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By: gary c
Today 10:04 AM

Good response and answers! Exhaust systems, regardless of which system you buy there will always be an RPM range where the rasp momentarily shows up! What you currently have is a mismatched system...
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Today 01:02 AM

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Yesterday 11:55 PM

I got a 2004, i've heard good stuff from the megan racing and the invidia gemini
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Yesterday 10:15 PM

And also, there was a significant amount of oil in Clark plug cylinder 1, I replaced the plugs and checked a day after it had oil in it again. I know I need to replace valve covers but I wouldn’t...
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Yesterday 09:42 PM

One way or another, you always manage to make someone feel better, even when it's at your own expense LOL Bad humor delivered with all due respect....
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