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***** AAM Competition's G35 Twin Turbocharger System *****

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Thumbs up ***** AAM Competition's G35 Twin Turbocharger System *****

Warning: Long and informative post ahead!

The Story Behind The Project

It all started about 2 years ago, when one of our exhaust customers was not satisfied with any of the forced induction kits available for his VQ35. He knew we already made one of the best turbocharger systems for the Nissan GT-R and asked us a question as simple as "Why doesn't Advanced Automotive Manufacturing and Competition manufacture a Turbocharger system for my VQ35?". Well this question started to make its way around the company and would eventually turn into one of the largest R&D projects Advanced Automotive Manufacturing and Competition ("AAM Competition, LLC") has ever undertaken.

We had our homework cut out for us. There was a lot of research to do before we even thought about kicking the tires (no pun intended) as the Forced Induction market for the VQ35, while not having a huge selection of kits, had several options currently available which were all manufactured by reputable companies (we had already installed many of them on customer vehicles). So if we wanted to provide the market with a new VQ35 forced induction system, it would have to be something substantially different and provide a greater end result than what was already available. Our focus was to provide the market with the most reliable, most powerful, OEM style twin turbocharger system for the VQ35.

Getting started on a project of this size has to start somewhere, and what better place to start then turbocharger selection. We wanted to utilize the most innovative, reliable, OEM grade, and highest performing turbocharger available. We did not want to cut any corners on the most important component of the project. Our industry search for the most advanced turbocharger led us to a relationship with BorgWarner.

BorgWarner had just recently released a new line of Turbochargers called EFR, or Engineered For Racing. It was clear from the start that the EFR turbochargers would be a competitive advantage due to their advanced technology, reliability, fitment, and superior performance. Some of the features that place the BorgWarner Turbochargers at the top of the food chain are:

Here is a cutaway rendering of the BorgWarner EFR Turbocharger -

Low Inertia Turbine Wheel
o Gamma-Ti, or Titanium Aluminide, turbine wheel cuts turbine inertia by roughly 50% dramatically improving turbo response. This is the first time this type of material is available to the public in a turbocharger. The compound is a strange compound as it's not quite ceramic or metal but a inter-metallic. It can withstand much higher temperatures than titanium or ceramic individually and weighs much less. Utilizing the Gamma-TI for the turbine wheel is a huge benefit to the turbocharger significantly reducing turbo lag.

Heat Resistant Turbine Housings
o Cast stainless steel turbine housings improve durability and offer an extremely smooth internal flow channel. Turbine housings have thin walls to reduce weight and thermal inertia.

High Turbine Efficiency
o "Superback” and “Fullback” back-disk shapes offer very high efficiencies. The Superback shape adds a curved profile to the back-disk and has the effect of lowering centrifugal stress and permitting higher rotational speeds. The Fullback shape extends the hub deck all the way to the OD of the wheel and by doing this the turbine flow leaving the housing volute is better guided into the wheel blade cavities. The combination of these two shapes is a significant step forward in turbine geometry yielding better efficiency, quicker response, and higher power.

Enhanced Turbo Response
o EFR turbochargers use a dual-row ball bearing cartridge with ceramic ***** and metal cage. This bearing system provides substantial friction reduction at low turbo speeds and in the process helps improve turbo response. Metal cage improves the durability of the ball bearing assembly.

Simplified Installation
o Integrated compressor recirculation valve (CRV) to help avoid compressor surge and backflow during a throttle lift event. This feature helps to simplify installation and improves reliability.

Forged Milled Compressor Wheels (FMW)
o EFR turbochargers contain wheels that are fully milled from forged aluminum, commonly known as “billet”. Cut from custom forgings, their strength exceeds that which is available from typical bar-stock and also exceeds the material properties of an aluminum casting. Greatly improving the reliability of the turbocharger.

Speed Sensor Mounting Convenience
o Turbocharger speed sensor mounting provisions are also supplied on every compressor cover. Speed sensors are sold separately for those who want to push all boundaries and monitor their turbocharger wheel speed in extreme racing conditions.

Boost Control Solenoid Valve (BCSV)
o An integrated boost control solenoid valve (BCSV) is included with every EFR turbo. This simplifies adding adjustable boost control for those who want to run over wastegate pressure (10psi+).

High Flow Integrated Wastegate
o Purpose designed large wastegate ports give the EFR turbochargers the capability of handling the flow requirements of high performance applications without the hassle and reliability concerns of installing an external wastegate. This significantly aids in eliminating dreaded boost creep.

Adjustable Wastegate
o The fabrication and installation task is simplified with adjustable wastegates that allows the installer to set the base boost pressure.

These features and advantages make the BorgWarner EFR Turbocharger the best aftermarket turbocharger that money can buy. They perform above the competition in all categories, performance, response, installation, appearance, and overall value. BorgWarner has engineered an excellent turbocharger - INDYCAR uses the BorgWarner EFR turbochargers in their race vehicles. Being proven and number one for INDYCAR it is perfect for Advanced Automotive Manufacturing & Competition's turbocharger systems.

Additional features of the Advanced Automotive Manufacturing & Competition Twin Turbocharger System include:

• Fully Developed in CAD for OEM quality fit, finish, reliability, consistency and quality with a priority on performance
• Precision Tubular Cast 304 Stainless Manifolds
• Utilizes all EFR features including internal wastegate and built in CRV bypass valve reducing the overall installation time, limiting bottlenecks, providing the highest quality turbocharger available, and improving long term reliability
• Stainless heat shields
• Fully terminated motorsport grade oil and coolant line systems/fittings that integrate seamlessly with the vehicle providing long-term reliable operation
• AN fittings all around with high-temp shielding on lines where needed
• Watercooled Turbochargers for maximum reliability and power
• OEM style spring clamps and high-temp silicone vacuum line
• Proprietary oil pan and pickup space for additional oil capacity as well as provisions for turbo oil drains
• Large (25x9x3.5) vertical flow intercooler with custom cast end tanks complete with mounting bracket
• Polished aluminum 6061 "aircraft grade" intercooler piping and intake kit
• High-temp and high-pressure 4-ply reinforced silicone couplers
• Stainless T-bolt clamps
• High-flow intake filters for a reliable air filtration providing maximum flow
• New polished aluminum coolant expansion tank.
• Twin 3" T-304 Stainless downpipes with optional high-flow catalytic converters - ending at the stock midpipe location - compatible with most any G35 Y pipe/exhaust
• In-tank, high flow Walbro 255 fuel pump for improved flow
• Exceptional boost response (best in the market) time due to BorgWarner EFR turbine wheel/ball bearing system
• All necessary OEM grade hardware for easy installation including components to upgrade PCV system to be forced induction compatible, all gaskets, and clear instructions

The end result is that Advanced Automotive Manufacturing and Competition has produced the most powerful, OEM style fitment turbocharger system with innovative technology and long term reliability. These turbocharger systems are capable of producing maximum power and with a built motor can easily achieve results in excess of 800+ wheel HORSEPOWER.

Here are a few renderings of the final twin turbocharger system. I will be updating this post periodically over the next few weeks with additional pictures, dyno charts, videos, etc.. Want to see anything specific, just ask!

FAQ and additional renderings/pictures can be found below
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Thumbs up ***** AAM Competition's G35 Twin Turbocharger System *****

We want to make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have. Allow me to address some of the more common questions below in no particular order.

Q - What comes with the turbocharger system?
A - The following key items will come with the Turbocharger System:

• 2 x BorgWarner EFR 6758 Turbochargers
• Integrated Ultra Responsive CRV's (Compressor Recirculation Valve)
• Integrated Adjustable Wastegates
• High-Flow CAD Designed 304 Stainless Tubular Cast Manifolds
• Large High Flow Front Mount Intercooler with Cast Aluminum Endtanks
• Lightweight Polished 6061 Aluminum Intercooler Piping Kit
• Lightweight Polished 6061 Aluminum Turbocharger Intake Tubing and Filters
• 4-ply Reinforced Silicone Hoses and Stainless T-Bolt Clamps
• 3" V-Band 304 Stainless Steel Downpipes
• Pre-Made and Terminated Line Kit for Oil and Coolant Distribution
• Pre-Made and Terminated Oil and Coolant Distribution Line Kits
• CNC Machined Fittings and Adapters for Oil and Coolant Integration
• CNC Aluminum Oil Pan Spacer and Oil Pickup Spacer
• High Temp Silicone Hose for Vacuum Lines with OEM Style Spring Clamps
• 304 Stainless Steel Heat Shields
• PCV System Upgrades for Forced Induction Application
• New Polished Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank
• Complete Hardware and Gasket Kit
• High-Flow Walbro 255 Liter Per Hour Fuel Pump
• High-Flow High Impedance Injectors and PNP Injector Harnesses
• Engine Management - ECM Programming
• Complete Installation Instructions

Q - What vehicles will initially be supported?
A - The Auto/Manual 350Z (DE & HR), Auto/Manual 370Z, Auto/Manual G35 and Auto/Manual G37 will be supported on initial release.

Q - Will right hand drive models be supported?
A - We do not have access to a right hand drive model in our area. Anybody interested with a right hand drive model please contact us.

- What size is the exhaust?
A - The downpipes are 3" for maximum power and reliability.

Q - What will be used for tuning?
A - Uprev will be utilized for tuning. A base startup tune will be supplied with all turbocharger systems and custom tuning options will be available.

Q - Will there be a "tuner" kit available for customers who already have a tuning solution?
A - Yes. The "Tuner" version of the turbocharger system will come with everything minus the Uprev tune/system, fuel injectors and fuel system.

Q - What size is the intercooler tubing?
A - To achieve lightning fast response and maximum power we utilize 2 x 2.5" tubing from the turbochargers to the intercooler. This is the optimal size to keep the system pressurized and limit the pressure drop, but big enough to sustain high HORSEPOWER. The intercooler piping post intercooler (from the intercooler to the engine/throttle body) is a single 3" light weight aluminum which is fully polished for "show car" quality look.

Q - Is the intercooler one or two cores?
A - The intercooler features one single core with twin inlets and a single outlet for maximum power and reliability. The core design utilizes vertical flow technology, which is proven to outperform standard horizontal flow intercooler configuration - much like the design found on the Nissan GT-R. The intercooler features CAD designed casted endtanks engineered for optimal flow and efficiency while minimizing pressure drop and ensuring maximum long-term reliability.

Q - Are the intercooler tubes welded together?
A - Some sections of the intercooler tubes are welded together. To ensure maximum flow, all of the intercooler tube bends are done with a mandrel bending process and we control the quality of the bends and limit the number of bends required, maximizing power. Mandrel bending is a process in which the full diameter of the pipe is retained when it is bent vs. standard bending techniques that reduce the internal diameter of the pipe. In Mandrel bending there is a minimal distance between bend radi. This distance dictates how close two bends can be together without having to cut & weld the piping. This occasionally leads to bends which are too close to other bends, therefore requiring welding and ensuring the full diameter of the pipe is retained.

Q - Explain the air filter placement
A - Keeping our focus on a true OEM style kit without relocating any OEM parts, we strived to keep the washer reservoirs and other stock components in place. We have placed the air filters as far from the engine as possible achieving a perfect balance between keeping the vehicle as stock & easily serviceable as we can while yielding maximum power and long term reliability by limiting direct heat.

Q - What are the exhaust manifolds made of?
A - Cast 304 stainless steel and CNC machined for flanged surfaces for a leak free, powerful and reliable exhaust system.

Q - What type of exhaust housing is used?
A - The BorgWarner EFR housing - stainless exhaust housing for maximum power and reliability with internal wastegate positioning for optimal flow & response without surge.

Q - Will the wastegate be recirculated back into the system?
A - Yes, since the BorgWarner EFR turbochargers feature an OEM style internal wastegate it will internally (within the turbocharger itself) recirculate back into the system for maximum power. Unlike other turbocharger systems on the market which use an external wastegate, by using the proven BorgWarner OEM style turbocharger setup you will eliminate boost creep issues. The integrated internal wastegate also saves weight, improves reliability, decreases pesky leaks associated with external wastegate setups, and decreases installation trouble when trying to pipe the external wastegate back into the system.

Q - Will this system come with an electronic boost controller?
A - No, this will be an optional upgrade, but the installer will have the ability to initially configure the setup between 5-10psi using the integrated wastegate actuators. This helps reduce the need for a boost controller, simplifying installation and reducing overall cost.

Q -What if I want to run more boost pressure (PSI)?
A - The BorgWarner EFR turbochargers have an integrated boost control solenoid valve (BCSV) and the installer will have the ability to configure the wastegate actuators between 5-10 PSI. AAM Competition will offer an optional boost controller which will work in conjunction with the built in BCSV solenoids for those who want to run more boost. The release date for the optional AAM Competition boost controller is mid-November.

Alternatively, for those who are interested in using an aftermarket boost controller or who may already own one, the BorgWarner turbochargers do allow for the use of a boost controllers by simply bypassing the built in BCSV and configuring the boost controller as you would on any turbocharged system.

Q - What size are the silicone couplers?
A - We only use high thermal protective reinforced 4-ply silicone for maximum reliability.

Q - Will this system be compatible with aftermarket cat back systems?
A - We cannot speak for ALL of the aftermarket cat back systems available on the market, but we can say since this turbocharger system features OEM style fitment and is designed to mate with the OEM system it will be compatible with the majority of all high quality cat back systems (including our own AAM Competition 2.5" and 3" True Dual Systems, wink wink. Ok - sorry for the sales plug here).

Q - Which turbochargers are used in the system?
A - We utilize the new BorgWarner EFR (Engineered For Racing) turbochargers, specifically the 6758's which are rated at 500 HORSEPOWER each. These proven turbochargers utilize stronger OEM grade materials and have special design considerations such as purpose deigned internal wastegate, integrated recirculation (CRV) valve and a titanium aluminide (Gamma-TI ) turbine wheel. This simplifies the overall installation and setup of the turbocharger system which contributes to their superior performance and superior reliability of the turbocharger system itself. These integrated features also help to justify the higher cost of these turbochargers and provide our customers with an extremely reliable, high power turbocharger system.

Here is an image of the BorgWarner EFR 6758 Turbocharger (what is used in the system)

FAQ Continued Below
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Thumbs up ***** AAM Competition's G35 Twin Turbocharger System *****

Q - Can the stock crash bar be kept with the turbocharger system?
A - Absolutely! We have designed this kit as OEM "friendly" as possible. The stock crash bar is fully retained and no modification is needed to this critical safety-engineered component.
Q - Will I be required to drill or tap the cylinder head or upper oil pan?
A - Absolutely not - this would be counterproductive to our OEM style fitment. Other forced induction kits require this which can adversely affect the reliability of your vehicle and create many installation headaches. This was one of our major considerations when developing this kit and it required many hours of CAD development from our engineering team to successfully accomplish. Development hours well spent if you ask us.

Q - Does the factory steering system remain intact?
A - It most certainly does, as well as the factory power steering system. Again - major considerations we had when developing this kit to feature an OEM level of fitment and retain maximum reliability in these areas.

Q - Will I need to remove this turbocharger system for a clutch job?
A - Negative. You do NOT have to remove the turbocharger system for a clutch job. Are you starting to see a trend here?

Q - Will this system impact the "area under the curve"?
A - I'll let you guess... No! You are correct - since this is an OEM style fitment focusing on drivability there will be no impact to the "area under the curve". You will have the full power you are accustomed to right off the line - no power loss whatsoever.

Q - Do I have to move the location of my oil filter?
A - OEM style fitment and reliability = you do not have to move the oil filter. Moving the oil filter can lead to problems. We designed the turbocharger systems to retain the location and functionality of the OEM oil filter and its fitment.

Q - Will this system work with oil cooler kits?
A - Generally speaking yes. If the oil cooler kit was mounted to the OEM oil filter than it should have no problem fitting. Even if your oil cooler kit required a relocation of the oil filter it still should be compatible - but we'd prefer the retention of the OEM oil filter location and an upgrade to an oil cooler that allows this. This turbocharger system also comes with our own oil pan spacer increasing oil capacity by about a quart to help aid cooling.

Q - What type of blow off valve comes with the system?
A - The BorgWarner EFR turbochargers feature an integrated compressor recirculation valve (CRV) which is designed to run with these specific turbochargers and does not require any adjustments. The CRV vents boost quickly and efficiently when the throttle closes further raising the reliability of the turbochargers. It is also internally-recirculated to keep turbo speed high during the shift and to keep engine control systems satisfied yielding maximum power. The BorgWarner EFR integrated CRV valve is far superior to the traditional BOV offering improved response, maximum power and exceptional reliability.

Here is a graphic explaining how the CRV works

Q - In general what kind of materials are used in the system?
A - High quality cast stainless or high quality 16-gauge 304 stainless for any and all exhaust side related components. Lightweight aircraft quality 16-gauge 6061 aluminum for all intake related components and tubing, high-temp reinforced 4-ply silicone, motorsport grade hoses for coolant, etc. We use only the best materials available to provide our customers with the most powerful and reliable twin turbocharger system available.

Q - Does this system come with an oil pan?
A - The system comes with an engineered billet aluminum oil pan spacer. Standard provisions are included in the oil pan spacer should you want to run an external oil temperature gauge.

- About how long can you estimate the kit to be installed?
A - Our technicians take between 8-12 hours to install the turbocharger system after the engine is out of the vehicle.

Q - Have you experienced any AIT (air intake temperature) issues?
A - None whatsoever. This was also a significant consideration during our development process to ensure a reliable kit eliminating any intake temperate issues. All piping was kept to an absolute minimum with minimum bends to elevate bottlenecks and provide maximum efficiency and air flow.

- What is the horsepower potential for this kit?
A - This would depend on your engine and level of build. But the turbochargers are rated for up to 500 HORSEPOWER each, so it would be safe to assume between 900 HORSEPOWER -1000 HORESPOWER on a fully built motor and setup.

Q - Other than purchasing the turbocharger system, what else do I need to buy for a proper installation?
A - Nothing. The kit comes with EVERYTHING you need aside from fluids. Between what's included and the integrated features of the BorgWarner EFR turbochargers your installation shop should be pleasantly surprised at the ease of installation due to the OEM style fitment and having everything included (tools aside). You will want to do a fresh fluid change (new oil and antifreeze).

Q - Is there a layaway program?
A - Yes, Advanced Automotive Manufacturing & Competition will offer a layaway program for those of you who would like to take advantage of it. We will require 25% down and it must be paid off in full within 6 months with minimum monthly payments.

- Will there be financing options?
A - Yes! We hope to have several financing options including Paypal's Bill Me Later. More details to come as we finalize these programs.

Q - Will there be a presale?
A - Yes! We will be offering a G35 presale to members of this community only (we will also be offering a presale of the 370Z and 350Z versions of our twin turbocharger systems on another forum(s)). The details of the presale will be released shortly but bottom line - only members of this forum will be eligible and there will be a discount offered. The presale will only last for a short period of time and will be limited to an set number of systems.

Q - Will an extended warranty be offered?
A - Yes. We are proud to offer an optional warranty for the Advanced Automotive Manufacturing & Competition turbocharger system. Please contact your sales associate for more information and specifics on the warranty program.

Q - How much power can I expect from this kit?
A - The twin turbocharger system is capable of 400-450 HP on a stock G35 with a good exhaust system depending on environmental variables and the installers/users configuration of the wastegate (how much boost it is set to run). With an optional boost controller and supporting upgrades this kit can push 450-500 HP on a stock G35. We typically recommend a built motor at this higher power level. With a built motor the kit should support well over 800+ HORESPOWER.
Power Upgrades for vehicle in dyno below:
• AAM Competition Twin Turbocharger System
• EFR W/G Boost Set to 8.5psi
• AAM Competition 3" R-Line True Dual Exhaust System
• AAM Competition Intake Plenum Spacer
• Custom Engine Tuning by AAM Competition

Q - How much will the kit cost?
A - The twin turbocharger system will have two different versions, the full version and tuner version. The full version has a MSRP of $10,499 and will sell for $9,995 while the tuner kit (no injectors, fuel pump or tuning uprev) will have a MSRP of $9,799 and sell for $9,295.

Q - When will these twin turbocharger systems be available to the public (full release)?
A - Before we officially release this kit we will be looking for a limited number of R&D vehicles locally to perform a final installation and confirm instructions of the twin turbocharger systems. These R&D vehicles will get to keep the turbocharger systems after all testing has been completed for a very significant discount. We are still looking for R&D vehicles local to the MD/DC/VA area so if you are interested please reach out to me for all of the details. After we have confirmed everything on the R&D vehicles and ship the presale orders we expect to have systems available to the public within a few weeks as the majority of all components are manufactured in house.

That should cover the majority of initial questions but I would be more than happy to answer any other questions which may have not been addressed above. Please let me know if you are interested in signing up for either the R&D vehicle program or the presale program. We also have an Early Bird Dealer Promotion Program for our dealers who want to get on board early - just let me know if you are interested.
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Talking Bounty rewards

Advanced Automotive Manufacturing & Competition (AAM Competition, LLC) would also like to introduce the following BOUNTY REWARDS program to the Z and G community. Let's see what you can do!

The following rewards only apply to Z's and G's which have the Advanced Automotive Manufacturing & Competition Twin Turbocharger System.

Rewards :
First 5 vehicles to make a 1/4 mile pass 11.49 or quicker will get $1000
First 3 vehicles to make a 1/4 mile pass 10.49 or quicker will get $2000 (combined total)
First 2 vehicles to make a 1/4 mile pass 9's or quicker will get $3000 (combined total)

Terms and Conditions:

In order to receive the rewards you must provide proof of purchase with a copy of the original invoice. In addition you must provide a scan or photo of the original time slip, have a HD video of the qualifying 1/4 mile run, provide high resolution photos of the car & engine bay displaying the turbo kit and AAM Competition decals dated the day of the qualifying run. All media provided will be used by AAM Competition, LLC for marketing purposes and you release full rights of said vehicle/media.
The bounty rewards are only valid on kits purchased before September 29th, 2014 and qualifying runs with the turbocharger system must be confirmed and redeemed by December 30th, 2014. The bounty program excludes Sponsored vehicles and cannot be combined with any other offer. Please allow 4-8 weeks after confirmation of the above Terms and Conditions for the payment to be received. Alternatively - you can add 15% to your cash rewards by receiving payment in the form of store credit. For complete details please see your AAM Competition sales associate.

If you have any additional questions or are interested in participating in our R & D vehicle program please do not hesitate to contact me via email/PM or just reply!

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Too bad I'm in FL, I'd love to be one of the R&D vehicles.

Edit: Either way, in to see how this progresses
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Originally Posted by 1SikZ View Post
Too bad I'm in FL, I'd love to be one of the R&D vehicles.

Edit: Either way, in to see how this progresses
It's only a 16 hour drive from FL to MD, haha!

I'll be sure to keep this thread updated with more dyno charts, videos and pictures over the next weeks as we install the systems on R&D vehicles.

Stay tuned!
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We still have a few G35 spots open for R&D vehicles. PM or Email me if interested.
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If only this would have came up before I deployed I could have sent my car to you guys! Its only a 20'ish hour drive.... But now I'm waiting to get home to install my supercharger and the other goodies.
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R&D cars

Matt you got a PM
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This looks interesting
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I need this
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We still have 3 open slots for G35's in our R&D program, which is at a significant discount.

If you are interested hit me up!
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Still need a G35 in here. If anybody is local and can let us take a look at their car for an afternoon I will make it worth you while. Or if you want one of our kits I will extend our special R & D pricing to you. hit me up [email protected]
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Im still in Matt. Just waiting on that final price from you or mark (and getting money together)
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Originally Posted by Pharaohryo View Post
Im still in Matt. Just waiting on that final price from you or mark (and getting money together)
PM Sent, give me a ring.

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