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"A refined muffler delete" - MTD Shockwave Review!

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Old 02-05-2017, 05:47 PM
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Arrow "A refined muffler delete" - MTD Shockwave Review!

First off I want to thank @b2autodesigns for fast shipping and great customer service.

The Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 has a reputation for being the best sounding and best value exhaust out there. A lot of people say that sound clips do not do it justice and I have to agree with that. But after spending about 3 hours on installation, and being sore from working on it the next day... I have to say that it was well worth it.

My current set up

- R2C CAI.
- Berks' HFC's.
- Motordyne Shockwave TDX2
- Various cosmetics.

My first two mods, the CAI and Berk's HFC's, hardly did anything. I only felt a difference at around 3500 RPM's under open throttle. It had a slight deeper growl but it was nothing noticeably different. The Berk's HFC's also added a hollow loud note to my exhaust from RPM's 1600-2000. This lovely note would only happen in 5th gear under more than 50% throttle. This matters later on.

Let's dig into the positives...

- Looks gorgeous. Seriously. The welds are perfect and the shine really brings a new look. The 4.5" exit also makes my rear not look so stock.

- Almost no drone during daily driving. It certainly is louder than stock but not loud enough to drone.

- "It is loud when you want it to be loud." For a long time, I thought people who said this meant that after a certain RPM, the exhaust would get louder. Similar to some automatic valve-tronic exhaust that are around.
This is not the cause with the Shockwave. Whether you're at 500 RPM's or 5000 RPM's, you stomp on the gas and it gets significantly louder. It is what I call it : "Loud based on how far the gas pedal is down."

- The power gain... My 'G accelerates a lot harder than it did before. When I floor it in first, I can literally feel my whole cars weight go to the rear wheels, it's like my G becomes slanted and my engine is somehow lighter.
I also get to 80 and 100 a lot faster than I did before...

- Remember that hollow exhaust note I said earlier with the Berk's on stock exhaust? Well now it happens in every gear, from 1600-2200 RPM's, and it sounds ridiculously exotic. I'm not sure if this note is exclusive to the Berk's HFC's, but the Shockwave certainly made it more present.

- It is no secret that this exhaust screams at open throttle. This exhaust climbs the exhaust note spectrum and just delivers the most pleasant experience ever. Each climb creates a different note.

- How everything is clamped on by a, well, a clamp! You can change out any part of the exhaust simply by unclasping which ever part you want removed. I remember a user selling a Shockwave exhaust that was welded together... It just doesn't make sense seeing how you can just unclasp whatever part you want changed instead.
Installing this was as pain though.. Because.. You know.. It's just held on by clamps and I only have two hands! I had to hold the H-Pipe and Y-Pipe in place with my car jack to clamp them together. The only part you actually bolt on is the Y-pipe onto the Cats.

Similarities to a Muffler Delete

I'm not entirely sure if my Berk's HFC's played a role in making my Shockwave and muffler delete sounding similar, but I would much rather prefer the Shockwave over the drawbacks of a muffler delete.

The muffler delete is an unrefined version of the Shockwave, it's completely chaotic. The exhaust notes of the Shockwave are similar to a muffler delete's rumble and even roar. I'm no way saying that a Muffler delete is worth it, because it's not, but if you want a sample of what the Shockwave will sound like on your car, then do a quick muffler delete.

Just note that it will sound better with a Shockwave, way more refined. Definitely more exotic.

All of the negatives of a muffler delete are gone with the Shockwave but it keeps all of the positives. The two positives of a muffler delete were the roar and rumble. The rest is all negative because it drones horribly... Loss of power... Rice'y... Etc..

Now let's get onto the negatives...


- Somewhat drone on the free-way. The drone isn't anywhere near as bad as a muffler delete, like a headache, but you can certainly hear the exhaust on the free-way going 65(speed limit here). But it hasn't given me a headache yet, so this is a bitter-sweet negative!

Really that is the only negative I've experienced so far. Installation isn't worth making a section for because the only issues I had was holding the exhaust parts in place while I clamped it together. I did not have any issues lining anything up.

Maybe it's because I unbolted the hangers all together and re bolted them back on rather than slipping them off and on while it was still on the 'G. This actually really helped with lining the mid pipes and axle-back up since it wouldn't make sense for it to not line up with the hangers.

************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ****************************
So whether or not you're on the fence on purchasing a Shockwave TDX2, like I was, I will vouch for Motordyne and say it's worth it. My 'G sounds nowhere near stock and the benefits are well worth the $1,800. Send a quick message to Charles at b2autodesigns and they will hook you up! They also do a great job on packaging. There was a lot of cushion and huge staples in that 6ft box.

My next mod is 5/16 MTD plenum spacer, but I need new brakes first...

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Discussions of street racing are expressly forbidden on Driver. Also when you start a new thread make sure it's in the right place. I have moved this to the Exhaust section since it's about a, well, exhaust lol. We highly encourage you to read and follow the forum rules especially since you violated 2 of them in this post alone and we don't want you to be "that guy" that gets infractions/ban early in your membership.

That being said welcome to the family. Driver is the premiere source for all things G on the internet and there's a lot here you can learn about if you do the proper searching. Enjoy your stay!
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