Infiniti Relocating Headquarters back to Japan

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The luxury brand is moving its base back home to Japan in an effort to reduce expenditures.

Nissan is moving its luxury division from Hong Kong back to Japan in an effort to cut costs while weathering the sales slump that the company has found itself in. “The relocation will further integrate (Infiniti) with global design, research and development and manufacturing functions based in Japan,” Nissan said in the statement, adding that Infiniti would continue to “operate independently”.

The move, which is planned to happen in mid-2020, is also a step towards Infiniti converting their vehicles to hybrid and/or full EV offerings. According to a Nissan insider who spoke in anonymity, there will be a  “fair amount of platform and other base technology sharing” between Infiniti and the main volume brand Nissan. Infiniti moved to Hong Kong back in 2012 in an effort to better understand and feel out the Chinese market.

The move to Japan is a complete reversal of the decision by Carlos Ghosn who wanted to dilute Infiniti’s connection to Japan in order to push a more global design scheme. Nissan’s profits took a battering in the last fiscal year plunging a staggering 45%.

All 180 employees at the Hong Kong office got the news about the move to Yokohama on Wednesday according to a Nissan official.

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