Qs Concept Will be Infiniti’s First EV

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Qs Concept Will be Infiniti's First EV

The Japanese manufacturer plans to launch its first electric-powered luxury sedan in China.

The official announcement from Infiniti is expected as early as next week. The brand’s first EV will be based on the Qs Inspiration Electric Sedan. The concept car was first teased by Infiniti and is set to be making a world debut at the Shanghai auto show.

It is easy to see the similarities between the Qs Inspiration and the Q Inspiration concept that was unveiled in Detroit last year. Infiniti is looking to further establish their strong design DNA with the new concept car. The first production examples of this project are expected to roll out of the factory in 2022.

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The Qs electric sedan is aimed at the Chinese market

Infiniti has plans to move into producing electric models only in the near future. The initiative is set to go into effect within the next couple of years. The brand plans to sell only EVs or “e-Power” hybrids from 2021.

This goes hand-in-hand with the landscape of the Chinese automotive industry as new regulations are put in place to reduce smog. The Chinese luxury car market has been growing rapidly in the past few years, and that means the EV segment is going to see some tight competition in this market. Infiniti plans the production of the Qs electric sedan to take place in China.

No word as yet on whether other markets will receive this car. But given the fact that Infiniti as a brand is looking toward an electric-only future, it is safe to say that some version of the Qs Inspiration sedan will be available in other markets as well.

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