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Thanks, I bought a New G37 on Tuesday.

I got it for $29,000+++

on Wednesday another rep offered me for $28,635+++ this was on the 31st.. gah.. well, I know I got a good deal and it was the last base model in black/stone.

Maybe on the 5th the incentives would increase.. but I didn't want to risk it the incentives might go lower or my base model would sell out then I would have to pay $2500 more for prem package which is basically a bunch of connectivity junk I do not care about.. I don't have bluetooth.. I dont' even have an ipod nor do I care about any of that stuff.

I dunno why infiniti is supposedly doing worse than other luxury models. My dealership sold 5 cars in the 4 hours I was there

white g37 coupe
blue g37 convertible coupe
red g37 sedan
white ex35
my black g37

so there is a slight chance my car would have sold out before the 5th.

overall it's an amazing car.. one thing... the steering is really easy. I expected more of a sports car power steering less of a towncar power steering..

Also there is a flutter in the engine when the car comes to a complete stop. Maybe 1/5th of a second. But I can feel it slightly. Maybe it will go away it only has 8 original miles (30 miles now =D)

it's not as fast as I thought it would be but i haven't had a chance to really accelerate past 3,000rpms not a good idea to go fast before i break in the first 1000 miles. It feels like a heavy car, handles like one too. But i come from two previous small(er) cars

Any tips for breaking in the car properly?
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