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  1. FS: Shifter Socket - Control Lever 32870-AC800
  2. FS: Engine & Transmission Mounts
  3. FS SoCal: 03-06 G35 coupe/sedan 1pcs aluminum driveshaft
  4. FS: ES 7.1119R Differential Carrier Bushing Set
  5. FS: Vsld rear assembly
  6. FS: G35. 6spd. Trans.
  7. FS NorEast: MD 2004 clutch and flywheel, 20k miles
  8. FS West: '06 6MT Rear Differential
  9. FS NorEast: 6MT Carbon driveshaft
  10. FS: NEW clutch line, 05 cast iron clutch fork, oem shifter, blox shift knob
  11. FS: NZ1-HDSS 350/G35 z Clutch. Almost new $300 OBO
  12. FS NorEast: 3.5 vlsd
  13. FS: NIB Rogue Engineering Short Shifter
  14. FS SoCal: 5AT Driveshaft
  15. FS: EXEDY PRO-KIT FOR 2004 G35 coupe
  16. FS: Low Mileage - ACT Clutch/ Streetlite Flywheel Combo
  17. WTB: Rjm clutch pedal
  18. WTB: Short Shifter
  19. FS NorEast: FS Valeo replacement clutch brand new
  20. FS NorCal: 2005 G35 AT - 3.3 Open Diff (non-VSLD) $100
  21. FS SoEast: 2005 G35 6MT differential and 3.53 Gears VLSD $200.00
  22. WTB: JWT flywheel
  23. FS: RJM Clutch Pedal Bracket (Rev. 1)
  24. FS SoEast: Brand New CV Axle Boot kit OEM
  25. FS SoEast: Torque Solutions Transmission Mount 75A
  26. FS: RJM v3.2 Clutch Pedal
  27. FS: Katz 2.0 way locking Super Q VLSD/ Nismo 3.7 FD fully assembled.
  28. FS: OEM Clutch Pedal
  29. WTB: RJM Adjustable Clutch Pedal =)
  30. FS SoCal: Rogue Engineering Short Shifter + THX-SS Aluminum Knob
  31. FS: RJM Adjustable Clutch Pedal
  32. FS: Nismo adjustable shifter
  33. FS: CD001 6mt tranny
  34. FS: OEM Axle Nut & Pin (Axle Click Fix)
  35. FS: 05 AWD Front Right Complete Axle (needs CV boot), Hard to Find Nationwide Backorder
  36. FS: New Braided Stainless Clutch Line
  37. FS: SPL solid differential mounting bushings
  38. FS: Energy Suspension DIFF. CARRIER BUSHING SET Red 7.1119R
  39. FS: OS Giken TR Twin Disk Carbon Clutch and JWT Flywheel
  40. FS: Aluminum 1 piece drive shaft powertrain industry
  41. FS: 3.7 rear differential MT/ Nismo finned cover/Whiteline bushings
  42. FS: Megan Racing Polyurethane Motor and Trans Mounts
  43. FS: Z1 Braided Stainless Clutch Line New In Bag
  44. FS: G35 Clutch
  45. FS: Specialty Z Lightweight Flywheel
  46. FS Texas: Houston Local pickup- 3.3 VLSD pumpkin from 2006 G35 5AT
  47. FS SoEast: 3.5 VLSD Rear Diff
  48. FS: AMS short shifter
  49. FS SoCal: Timken rear bearings brand new
  50. FS: Brand New JWT Clutch and Flywheel Combo
  51. WTB: 3.538 ring and pinion set
  52. FS: whiteline diff bushings
  53. FS: 03 04 Valve body with transgo upgrade
  54. FS: 04 g35 vlsd
  55. WTB: Front Driver Axle Assembly
  56. WTB: CD009 6MT Transmission
  57. WTB: WTB: Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder
  58. WTB: 6MT Sedan CF Driveshaft
  59. FS: 2003/2004 AT Upgraded Valve Body
  60. FS: RJM Latest V3.3 G35 AFP Clutch Pedal Systems
  61. FS: 6mt coupe oem driveshaft
  62. FS NorCal: 2007 G35 Clutch master cylinder assy. (BNIB)
  63. FS: B&M Short Throw Shifter
  64. WTB: OEM Heat Shield for Slave Cylinder (Part # 30670-CD010)
  65. WTB: 1 piece aluminum driveshaft
  66. FS: OS Giken twin plate clutch TR2A
  67. FS: New Whitline Diff bushings
  68. FS: New OEM Belts
  69. FS: JWT G35 Clutch/Flywheel Combo w/ Free Parts 2003-2007 Coupe 2004-2006 Sedan
  70. FS: OS Giken Triple Plate Clutch
  71. FS: JWT Clutch and Flywheel BNIB
  72. FS: Nismo Finned Diff Cover - Brand New
  73. FS: RJM V2 Adjustable Clutch Pedal Assembly for 350Z/G35
  74. FS SoCal: TWM Short Shift Kit
  75. WTB: Z1 aluminum driveshaft
  76. FS NorCal: RJM Clutch Pedal Assembly
  77. FS MidWest: Torque Solutions Trans Mount
  78. WTB NorCal: New clutch kit
  79. FS: Torque Solutions Transmission Mount
  80. WTB SoEast: one piece aluminum driveshaft
  81. WTB: 4.08 gears or whole pumpkin
  82. FS: RPS Cyn-R-G Flywheel/JWT Clutch
  83. WTB: 05 Auto Transmission AWD
  84. FS: Some 6 Speed Conversion Parts
  85. FS SoCal: 2005 350z 6-Speed transmission for sale
  86. FS: Trans Cooler with thermostat, filter
  87. FS SoCal: OEM Flywheel, Pressure Plate, Clutch - 2005 Sedan
  88. FS NorEast: Ngk Iridium Spark plugs (4469)
  89. WTB: carbon fiber drive shaft
  90. FS: SPL Solid Diff Bushings NEW IN BOX
  91. WTB: OS Giken Super Lock LSD
  92. FS: WTS: 2800 Stall Edge Torque Converter
  93. FS: Kinetix Camber Kit
  94. WTB NorCal: NISMO Clutch, Flywheel Pressure Plate
  95. FS NorEast: 350z shifter
  96. FS: OS Giken triple plate clutch
  97. WTB NorEast: Transgo shift kit
  98. WTB Canada: G37 3.69 diff(carrier)
  99. FS: RJM Clutch pedal bracket V2 BNIB
  100. FS: New JWT clutch,Newest RJM Performance Adjustable clutch Pedal,Split Second ECU