CandlestickPark's 05 Sedan Progression Thread

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CandlestickPark's 05 Sedan Progression Thread

I should have created this thread a long time ago. Rather than making separate threads when I do something new to the car I'll post in here.

When I first stumbled across driver after getting my car in 07 I wanted clear corners an OEM lip and Coupe 19s and I was going to be "done". After seeing some modded Sedans (and Coupes) at local meets and on driver I got bit by the mod bug.....hard.

Thank you to all who have contributed to my build, ya'll know who you are, couldn't have done most of the stuff to my car without you guys. Who knew that through modding a car I would make so many friends and develop a passion for photography.

Thread is a work in progress, still need to add some mods and pics....

Stock, tint was installed by previous owner - April 2007
Name:  DSC01689Large.jpg
Views: 461
Size:  94.2 KB

Clear corners, OEM lip, Coupe 19s - July 2007

Name:  DSC02080copy.jpg
Views: 447
Size:  148.7 KB


Wilwood 6p/14" Front BBK - September 2007
Name:  Wilwood1.jpg
Views: 428
Size:  96.8 KB

Name:  Wilwood2.jpg
Views: 425
Size:  92.8 KB

Name:  Wilwood6.jpg
Views: 533
Size:  214.0 KB

Name:  Wilwood1-1.jpg
Views: 471
Size:  227.6 KB

Eibach Pro Kit Springs/Tokico D Spec shocks, HKS rear section exhaust, debadged, Stillen sways - December 2007

Name:  IMG_0739.jpg
Views: 545
Size:  92.4 KB

DIY OEM Emblemless Grill - April 2008
Name:  IMG_2386copy.png
Views: 452
Size:  582.2 KB

Name:  IMG_2451copy.png
Views: 449
Size:  423.4 KB

Name:  IMG_2492copy.png
Views: 466
Size:  617.5 KB

KuRookie front bumper, color match mirrior bases, shaved/custom molded spoiler trunk, BC Racing Coilovers - February 2009

Name:  DSC_3282Large.jpg
Views: 445
Size:  54.6 KB

Name:  DSC_3293Large.jpg
Views: 418
Size:  79.2 KB

Name:  DSC_3278Large.jpg
Views: 444
Size:  86.7 KB

NisRookie Sideskirts, 19" Nismo LMGT4s, HR Y-Pipe - July 2009

Name:  DSC_8991copy2.jpg
Views: 639
Size:  104.1 KB

Name:  DSC_8999copy.jpg
Views: 407
Size:  116.4 KB

Stone G35 Coupe Seats, M45 shift ****, painted headlights with cleared out turn signal, Optima Yellow Top - September 2009
Name:  DSC_0972.jpg
Views: 514
Size:  168.6 KB

Name:  DSC_0945.jpg
Views: 423
Size:  125.0 KB

Name:  DSC_0950.jpg
Views: 452
Size:  80.9 KB

ILL SDAN plates and 3.5 w/vLSD rear diff - November 2009

Rear Wilwood 4p/13" BBK, 03-04 Sedan bumper, 03-04 Sedan mudguards, Nismo Aero Rear Lip - January 2010

Some pics of the parts that ended up on the car:

Name:  DSC_2089.jpg
Views: 421
Size:  169.8 KB

Name:  DSC_2092.jpg
Views: 440
Size:  227.8 KB

Name:  029.jpg
Views: 434
Size:  66.5 KB

Name:  032.jpg
Views: 436
Size:  65.7 KB

Name:  062.jpg
Views: 423
Size:  63.8 KB

Name:  055.jpg
Views: 431
Size:  71.7 KB

Name:  064.jpg
Views: 430
Size:  69.9 KB

Name:  070.jpg
Views: 428
Size:  71.5 KB

Projector Retrofit - June 2010
Details on the headlights as done by IvoryGT:
2nd Gen Bi-Xenon Sedan Projectors
2nd Gen Sedan Shrouds
White LEDs around the outside of projector
Amber LEDs inside Shroud

Mods done by RRYDE:
STi-R clear lens swap
2.5" clear lens installed in turn signal (no additional functionality it just looks sick) - diffuser added inside clear lens to disperse light evenly throughout turn signal lens.
6K bulbs from installed
Amber Chrome turn signal bulbs installed (only light up when the turn signal is engaged like the 03/04 Sedan)
Bezels and shroud painted silver (to match my wheels and RRYDE emblemless grill)

Projectors on left, stock on right

Install complete
Name:  photo2-6.jpg
Views: 423
Size:  86.6 KB

Name:  photo4-3.jpg
Views: 425
Size:  75.4 KB

Name:  photo3-5.jpg
Views: 439
Size:  73.0 KB

LEDs on
Name:  photo7-2.jpg
Views: 410
Size:  80.6 KB

Name:  photo5-5.jpg
Views: 419
Size:  71.4 KB

Projectors on
Name:  photo6-3.jpg
Views: 400
Size:  69.8 KB

Smaller Tires, larger spacers and moar low - July 2010

Old tires were toast.
Name:  OldRears.jpg
Views: 414
Size:  97.6 KB

Yokohama S-drives 225/35/19 on a 8.5
Name:  22535.jpg
Views: 451
Size:  69.8 KB

Yokohama S-drives 235/35/19 on a 9.5
Name:  23535_1.jpg
Views: 446
Size:  66.1 KB

Name:  23535.jpg
Views: 409
Size:  65.5 KB

Shane pulling my fenders
Name:  FenderPull.jpg
Views: 455
Size:  70.2 KB

Rear partially compressed, no rubbing
Name:  Rear.jpg
Views: 448
Size:  83.6 KB

8.5 +0 (25mm spacer) - 225/35/19 Yokohama S-drive

9.5 +10 (20mm spacer) - 235/35/19 Yokohama S-drive

Name:  DSC_5020copy.jpg
Views: 489
Size:  89.2 KB

Name:  DSC_5036copy.jpg
Views: 410
Size:  107.4 KB

Name:  DSC_5061copy.jpg
Views: 430
Size:  90.6 KB

Name:  DSC_5051copy.jpg
Views: 446
Size:  91.9 KB

Name:  DSC_5045copy.jpg
Views: 442
Size:  125.3 KB

Name:  DSC_5041copy.jpg
Views: 473
Size:  121.1 KB

Name:  DSC_5030copy.jpg
Views: 610
Size:  94.5 KB

Name:  DSC_5062copy.jpg
Views: 455
Size:  103.2 KB

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Engine bay

After seeing pics and then checking them out in person at local meets I was inspired by many coupes and a certain FX to transform my bay and rep for the sedans.

HUGE thanks to (in no particular order) caskyline, rookie, RareJDM/Stage4Performance, AutoExplosion, OH6 G35, SxExCx, SouthBayGSedan, zackt69, bigc, martyg35, dahkyne, damineg35, k67p67, RedSkylineGT, speedraver, ShanesG, OCG35, g35papa, ttrank, Gdup35Sedan, and Calvin for the inspiration, guidance, advice, answers to all my questions, countless hours of labor, troubleshooting, polishing, cleaning etc. Couldn't have done of this transformation without you guys!

My first mods!! Stillen intake, z-tube and Z engine cover (d'oh did I really mix Nissan and Infiniti emblems....haha, I was clueless back then)
Name:  IMG_0938.jpg
Views: 531
Size:  130.3 KB

Polished upper plenum, grounding kit, polished z tube, JDM battery cover
Name:  DSC_7835Large.jpg
Views: 491
Size:  135.7 KB

RareJDM main wire harness cover, NRG Polished Strut Bar and Hood dampers

Name:  DSC_7872Large.jpg
Views: 474
Size:  108.6 KB

Polished Throttle Body, Venair silicone hoses, Pi-Thon caps/hose locks, Nismo oil/radiator caps

Name:  DSC_0129Large.jpg
Views: 806
Size:  136.4 KB

JWT Pop Charger
Name:  DSC_0132Large.jpg
Views: 557
Size:  141.2 KB

ARC Oil Catch Can with custom RareJDM bracket and braided hoses, silicone couplers for intake tube, polished AC Lines and Pi-Thon AC Caps
Name:  DSC_1451Large.jpg
Views: 541
Size:  121.5 KB

Fujita intake with blue Amsoil filter, polished timing cover swap, polished VTC housings (not visible in picture, covered by harness cover)

Name:  DSC_4707Large.jpg
Views: 612
Size:  143.8 KB

UTR Titanium Radiator Cooling Plate
Name:  DSC_4935Large.jpg
Views: 467
Size:  96.6 KB

Painted and smoothed battery covers

Full wire tuck, polished lower plenum, MD spacer, pulley bracket, NRG STB brackets, painted valve covers, 100+ polished nuts/bolts, relocated VIN plate, various earl's fittings and hoses, etc., etc.

More to come, still a work in progress but almost done

9/5/2009 Update

Recent additions:

SxExCx Moroso PS Tank

FuRookie Intake

Name:  DSC_0286copy.jpg
Views: 649
Size:  202.5 KB

Name:  DSC_0317copy.jpg
Views: 412
Size:  181.2 KB

9/28/2009 Update

Not the best pic but here are my latest additions (will get some better pics up soon). Big thanks to Randy, Darren, Marty Chris, Zack and Dave for all their help!

Modified ARC Nismo Edition overflow bottle / Coolant Reservoir (polished)
Swapped out Pi-Thon hose locks for Earl's fittings on Coolant hoses
Chrome Coolant pipe (passenger side)
Polished T-Bolt clamps for intake

Name:  DSC_0883.jpg
Views: 666
Size:  238.6 KB

12/24/2009 Update

Better pics of latest changes. Removed fuel line bracket (that was located on the passenger side).

May 2010 Update
ARC radiator cooling plate

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I have been really lucky to have my car featured on various sites/blogs: feature - February 2010

Canibeat mini-feature

Stance:Nation mini-feature - March 2010
Name:  clip_image004.jpg
Views: 393
Size:  45.6 KB

Hellaflush Approved - July 2010
Name:  HF3.jpg
Views: 422
Size:  42.5 KB

Name:  HF1.jpg
Views: 397
Size:  32.7 KB

Name:  HF2.jpg
Views: 382
Size:  32.3 KB

Juststance Featured Evaluation #7 - October 2010

Name:  JSfe7.jpg
Views: 388
Size:  39.2 KB

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Such drastic changes, but it looks good! Your car has come a long ways.

When comes the audio?
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DROOOOL that's all i had to say.
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Originally Posted by Wannabe6MT View Post
Such drastic changes, but it looks good! Your car has come a long ways.

When comes the audio?
Thanks Janik!

Did someone say audio?

This will be installed in the near future hopefully, when I find time. The new baby put my projects in work on hold for a bit.

Still gotta pick up a backup cam, PAC unit and maybe the bluetooth module.

Name:  avicd3.jpg
Views: 367
Size:  49.9 KB


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oooo very nice Marcus! Wait until you pair that with speakers, and a nice 10" sub. It brings so much love to the car. My favorite thing i have done to mine.
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very nice marcus .. im going to make a progression thread soon but ill wait, baby also has put me be behind on things ... but its ok ill have so many thing in the garage for a nice rainy day and when the baby is sleeping ..
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Congrats on the new addition to the family Marcus
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Very nice!! Love everything you have done to the car.
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what a ricer! stock is best!

one of my favorite sedans marcus, great job with yoru ride. I think i remember every mod and every picture you posted in this thread. collectively in my memory for the past 3 years haha
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What a timeline! You have raised the bar pretty high in the sedan world. I hope someday to get my sedan to your level.
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one of my favorite rides and people on driver! props my man. and congrats on the new little one in your family!
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so nice


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