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  1. WTB: Need 2003 6speed Coupe Engine Harness
  2. WTB: AEM Infinity standalone
  3. FS: New SxExCx Grounding Kit - (Red)
  4. WTB: Splitfire direct ignition coilpacks
  5. FS: Grounding wire and valve cover / spark plug gaskets
  6. FS: Pulsar Performance Spark Plugs DG1
  7. FS: OEM Camshaft and Crankshaft sensor
  8. FS: 2007 Infiniti G35 G35x Sedan ECU MEC100-100 E1
  9. FS: OEM Spark Plugs & PCV Valve Bundle
  10. Wtb - ecm/ecu mec65-270 c1
  11. FS: Uprev standard cable
  12. WTB: EGI 24011AM805 Wiring harness
  13. FS: Uprev Cipher Cable
  14. FS: Uprev Tuner License + Cable
  15. FS: Osiris UpRev Standard
  16. FS: 2004 G35 Coupe ECU
  17. Innovative Motorsport Gauges AFR/Boost & Oil Temp/Pressure
  18. FS: Uprev Cable With License NEW $550 new--$450 today
  19. FS: Haltech Platinum Pro Harness ECU
  20. Osiris Uprev Standard Brand NEW!
  21. FS: Okay Projects Plasma Coilpacks
  22. Osiris UPREV ECU Tuner Standard
  23. WTB: Haltech platinum pro plug and play
  24. FS: 6 NGK Iridium Spark plugs - New in box
  25. FS: HKS twin power ignition system $200
  26. 2006 G35 Sedan Harness & misc electric parts
  27. FS: Uprev Osiris Tuner
  28. FS NorCal: N2MB + AEM ECU Harness Extender
  29. FS: Hyperforce Ground System
  30. WTB: G35 6mt engine wire harness
  31. FS: SxExCx grounding kit
  32. WTB: Uprev osiris tuner
  33. Wtb 03-04 6mt engine harness
  34. FS: G35 camshaft sensors and crankshaft sensor
  35. WTB: Wanted: complete 04 coupe 6mt ecu
  36. WTB: Haltech HT-055016 Platinum PRO
  37. FS NorEast: Uprev Osirus Tuner
  38. FS: 2005 G35 Coupe 6 M/T ECU, BCM, Ignition
  39. FS: Brand NEW straight from Nissan cam position sensor
  40. FS NorEast: Haltech pro plug in ECU G35/350Z
  41. FS: UpRev Osiris Tuner E. M.
  42. FS SoEast: Cam Position Sensors
  43. FS: Osiris Uprev Tuner
  44. FS: HKS DLI, CAMP2, Defi Gauges
  45. FS: Uprev GT MAF
  46. FS: Uprev Osiris Tuner Cable and License
  47. WTB SoCal: battery cover and battery tie down kit.
  48. WTB: 2008 g35s sedan AT grinding kit
  49. FS West: FS: SxExCx Grounding Kit
  50. FS: AEM Infinity 8 PNP for 350z/G35
  51. WTB SoCal: Grounding kit
  52. FS: OEM Coil Packs for Sale-6
  53. FS: OEM 350z/G35 wideband sensor for +2004 cars
  54. FS: Uprev Osiris tuning cable with serial number $600 obo
  55. AEM Wideband 30-4100 (Gauge Only)
  56. FS Texas: Stillen grounding kit
  57. FS: Rare jdm engine harness cover
  58. FS: Uprev Tuner Version
  59. FS MidWest: SEC Grounding Kit
  60. WTB: UPREV Interface Cable
  61. FS: AEM Uego Wideband Sensors and extension harnesses for AEM Infinity
  62. AEM 30-4100 UEGO Wideband AFR Gauge and Sensor
  63. Greddy Informeter Touch with sensor adapter, boost, temp, fuel pressure sensors
  64. FS: Hyperforce Ground and Greddy Informeter
  65. FS: Uprev Osiris Standard New Style Cable with License
  66. FS: Uprev Osiris Tuner Cable and License
  67. FS: *New* Top Fuel 1000 na and turbo timer
  68. FS: Uprev Osiris Standard New Style Cable with License
  69. FS: Uprev Osiris Standard Cable with License
  70. FS: Cobb Accessport V2 03-06 G35 (used)
  71. Osiris Standard For Sale
  72. WTB: Coil pack stems/stalks (part that cracks)
  73. FS: Brand New HALTECH Plug & Play with Dual Wideband & Air Temp Sensor
  74. FS SoEast: OEM 2003 VQ35de cam sensors
  75. FS: Uprev OSIRIS Standard tune cable and license
  76. FS: UTEC Engine Management System
  77. FS MidWest: UTEC ECU GM 3bar MAP and accessories
  78. FS: Plugs and grounding kit
  79. FS SoCal: 03 Coupe Dual Gauge Pod with Blitz Ext Temp and Boost Gauge - Carbon Face/Black Light
  80. FS: Aem wideband
  81. FS: Proefi standalone ecu package pro48 03-05 350z g35 non rev up
  82. FS: Uprev standard cable unmarried
  83. FS: Grounding Kit(SxExCx) Brand New
  84. FS West: SxExCx Grounding Kit - Used
  85. FS: Blue Gorgee 10-wire grounding kit [SOLD]
  86. FS: OEM Alternator M 23100 CD010
  87. FS: ChaseBays CM2 V8 Harness Swap
  88. WTB: IPDM for 05 Coupe
  89. FS SoCal: Pre-tucked wire harness VQ35DE Rev-Up
  90. WTB: 6MT VQ35DE Engine Harness
  91. FS: GTM MAF 1000hp
  92. WTB: Osiris Uprev Standard
  93. WTB: Haltech
  94. Wtb ipdm
  95. Osiris Standard and UpRev Cable
  96. WTB: yaw sensor bracket
  97. WTB seans groundinh kit for 5at
  98. WTB Up Rev GT maf
  99. WTB: TurboXS Map Sensor and Remote Map Selector Switch
  100. Osiris Standard Tuning Cable. Tuning netbook also for sale.