David's 2007 G35 Coupe Build Thread

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David's 2007 G35 Coupe Build Thread

Hello Everyone,
I've been off and on the G35Driver forum but havent been posting or sharing so I decided to change that.
I bought a 2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe in October 2013, modded it and took it to local shows in WA throughout 2014.
2015 has been more mellow and I've brought it back to a more daily-driven look.
I've found some time and decided to post up my G35 and where I've gone with it over my time of owning it.
I will be continually updating pictures as I find free time to do so.

Follow me on Instagram: @davidfishchuk
Subscribe to me on Youtube: David Fishchuk

Here is one of my favorite pics when my G35 was in its prime in summer 2014:
Name:  14940848402_300a503707_b_zpsvwvogfaa.jpeg
Views: 24522
Size:  151.1 KB

Here is a video made of my G35:

Sound clip of my Muffler-Delete exhaust

Modification List:
Nismo Front Bumper (Custom gloss black grill inlets)
Spec-D Black Gloss Grill
Carbon Fiber Window Visor
Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
Clear Corner Bumper Lights
Side Skirt Splitters
Custom painted projector Black Housing Headlights

BC BR Coilovers
STR 601 20x9/10.5 +30/+35 (offset with spacers is -2/+3)
32mm spacers all the way around
Nankang NS20 225/35-20 Front Tires
Nankang NS20 255/35-20 Rear Tires
Blue Godpseed Lugnuts
Godpseed Front Camber
SPC Rear Camber
Powerstop Drill/Slotted Rotors
PosiQuiet Brake Pads

Engine Bay:
JWC Pop Charger Intake Filter w/ Heat Shield
Stillen Ztube Intake tube
Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
Carbon Fiber NRG Hood Dampers
JDM Brake cover
Custom Blue NRG Strut Bar

VIP Bubble shift ****
VIP pillows
VIP white Fusa and Silver Tsuna knot
custom polka dot inserts/boot from local craft store
JDM Double Din Dash Kit for OEM Navigation
JVC Double Din Unit
12" JL 12W0V2-4 300W Subwoofer
Custom Zenclosure Subwoofer Box
Alpine MRX-M110 AMP

Now.... without further a-due, here is what I started off with back in Ocotober 2013:
Big 'ol "baller" EXE Konvex on stock suspension, peeling carbon fiber roof wrap, broken CD player, badly chipped and painted Nismo bumper, screwed up side skirt due to a jack slipping, bad brakes, random stickers and an exterior that needed to be clay bared badly since it sat under a tree for a few months.
Luckily, the interior was swapped from tan to black and had navigation!
Name:  560682_297877466948945_766215611_n_zpsjow6hwio.jpg
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Size:  65.1 KB

Here is day one after a quick wash:
Name:  DSCN0179_zps75bidhzc.jpg
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Size:  181.9 KB
Name:  DSCN0180_zps7z3hbltr.jpg
Views: 23743
Size:  207.4 KB

The first thing I did was get to work with the exterior. I removed the stickers, Carbon Fiber roof wrap clay bared, buffed out scratches and waxed the car.
I used Meguiar's Clay Bar Kit , 3m Rubbing Compound, Meguiar's polish, then finished with Meguiar's Gold Wax.
Name:  20131014_134519_zpsk07b3jl6.jpg
Views: 23598
Size:  264.9 KB

Name:  20131014_170301_zpsteyx00qr.jpg
Views: 23651
Size:  259.7 KB

Next I debadged the trunk using a heat gun and goo gone
Name:  20131017_085810_zpshkvvhxpz.jpg
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Size:  364.0 KB
Name:  20131017_093925_zps9yi3ey7s.jpg
Views: 23686
Size:  368.4 KB

Then removed the tail light tint using brake cleaner and then plast-x to polish them back up.
Name:  20131121_153451_zps7llbg86d.jpg
Views: 23760
Size:  328.0 KB

Soon after I found a good deal on Tein S-tech springs, plasti-dipped the front grill and had myself a mini-photo shoot.
Name:  DSCN0212e_zpsqtrob2nm.jpg
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Size:  217.0 KB
Name:  DSCN0215e_zpsw8udpxam.jpg
Views: 23564
Size:  230.0 KB
Name:  DSCN0221e_zps1xz4hzx1.jpg
Views: 23478
Size:  121.9 KB

After a few months I saved up for a JVC KW-V200BT Double Din, JDM Dash Kit and installed a 12" JL 12W0V2-4 300W Subwoofer with a Alpine MRX-M110 Amp put into a Custom Zenclosure Subwoofer Box.
Name:  20131114_102920_zpsfxmomsld.jpg
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Size:  244.5 KB
Name:  20140510_164246_zpsxenibqwb.jpg
Views: 23618
Size:  234.2 KB

Next I plasti-dipped the front grill, bumper grill inlets, purchased the perfect gloss black mesh grill (Previous was a dull silver color), and added an ez-front lip.
Name:  20131126_153342_zps32wyqv1f.jpg
Views: 23930
Size:  332.2 KB

I finally got my first set of wheels: STR 601 20x9 +30, 20x10.5 +35 with Nankang NS-20 225/35R20 Front, Nankang NS-20 255/35R20 Rear. (Still lowered on G35 Tein S-Tech Springs).
Name:  20140114_143105_LLS_zpszzod5h8i.jpg
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Size:  411.7 KB
Name:  20140114_144559_LLS_zpswcjnvgkr.jpg
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Size:  371.7 KB

At this point I got tired of seeing the wheels so sunken in, so I purchased wheel spacers! The front I put 15mm spacers and the rear I put 25mm spacers.
I also added a carbon fiber rear diffuser.
Name:  20140207_113118_zpsvtodo7td.jpg
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Size:  231.8 KB
Name:  20140207_100141_zpssilffcjh.jpg
Views: 23558
Size:  189.6 KB
Name:  20140207_100209_zpsqtbvhjz9.jpg
Views: 23569
Size:  349.1 KB

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I finally got a set of BC BR Coilovers and added Godspeed front camber arms and SPC rear camber.
Name:  20140324_181114_zpsywbhf92g.jpg
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Size:  265.7 KB

Since my brakes were obnoxious and squeeking constantly, I decided to get PowerStop Drilled/Slotted Rotors with Posi-Quiet Brake Pads. At the same time I painted the brakes red with Dupli-Color paint and got Red Muteki Lug Nuts with Locks.
I also purchased a Carbon Fiber Rear Window Visor as well.
Here are some pictures from a local Nissan/Infiniti car event:
Name:  20140410_162332_zpstelrr6uk.jpg
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Size:  266.1 KB
Name:  20140419_160158_zpswpgsbfby.jpg
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Size:  225.3 KB
Name:  13920181472_7ba746653a_o_zpstbz1gkto.jpg
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Size:  154.9 KB

Then I found a great deal to re-paint my front bumper and side skirts.
I got the bumper inlets and grill painted a gloss black instead of a plasti-dip black.
At the same time, I had a friend help me plasti-dip my wheels white. We used 4 cans of white plasti-dip and 3 cans of Pearlizer to match the Pearl of the G35 paint.
As well, I purchased a V-Lip from a Subaru WRX and drilled it into the bumper for a custom styled splitter.
I also went from 15mm front spacers, 25mm rear spacers, and added 32mm spacers all the way around. I bought a fender roller kit to pull and roll all the way around.
My wheel offset after was 20x9-2 Front, 20x10.5+3 Rear.
Name:  DSCN0244e_zps1f779b0c.jpg
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Size:  39.6 KB
Name:  DSCN0273e_zpsbadbc7ea.jpg
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Size:  44.7 KB
Name:  DSCN0281e_zpsa31e90c7.jpg
Views: 23231
Size:  47.2 KB
Name:  DSCN0321_zps3eb1ae57.jpg
Views: 23395
Size:  35.1 KB

Up next was some engine dress up.
Started with NRG Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers
Name:  20140426_202148_zps5m2x5cvl.jpg
Views: 23455
Size:  363.9 KB
Name:  20140426_202216_zpsawuej38w.jpg
Views: 23404
Size:  305.3 KB
Then a Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
Name:  20140429_123702_zpsdej0zkgr.jpg
Views: 23530
Size:  389.0 KB
Added on a JWT Pop Charger Intake w/ Still Z-Tube, JDM Brake Fluid Cover and a Polished NRG Strut Bar
Name:  20140506_121301_zps2h1pjiw5.jpg
Views: 23635
Size:  444.3 KB
Name:  20140506_201017_zpsyy98nrxp.jpg
Views: 23555
Size:  250.0 KB

Here some pictures at a local drift event/show
Name:  20140518_134930_zpslhocvcp1.jpg
Views: 23560
Size:  250.7 KB
Name:  DSC_1969%201.png_zpswn0ykolg.jpeg
Views: 23331
Size:  83.5 KB

Then I decided to start adding interior pieces
Junction Produce Replica Neck Pillows, VIP white Fusa and Silver Tsuna knot, Custom Polka Dot Shift Boot, Door Inserts, Arm Rest and a VIP Bubble Shift ****. At the same time I went into the Trunk and added more Polka Dot material!
Name:  20140627_111021_zpsmjwtbmxd.jpg
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Size:  242.2 KB
Name:  20140724_152028_zpsrnl2h4jf.jpg
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Size:  281.7 KB
Name:  20140724_161004_zpsptyh0le2.jpg
Views: 23438
Size:  195.2 KB
Name:  20140724_160931_zpsjjujcpds.jpg
Views: 23549
Size:  196.9 KB

Name:  20140725_090614_zps3rbharg0.jpg
Views: 23342
Size:  227.7 KB

Name:  20140725_090714_zpsemm1gjkd.jpg
Views: 23400
Size:  216.7 KB

My wheels started bugging me at this point. The rim lip was half black, so I decided to sand them dude using 400, 800, 1000 sandpaper and polishing them with Mothers Mag/Aluminum Polish.
Name:  20140616_172403_zpsqp7n8j2i.jpg
Views: 23562
Size:  217.0 KB
Name:  20140619_104809_zpss0wgbc7t.jpg
Views: 23499
Size:  193.9 KB
Now I could see even more rim poke
Name:  20140624_130354_zpsxoskgqnw.jpg
Views: 23303
Size:  188.5 KB
Name:  20140624_130414_zpsk0p2t484.jpg
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Size:  175.3 KB

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Here are some additional photos of my car at this stage.
I also added side skirt splitters as you can see below!
Name:  DSCN0426_zpsuqi24srw.jpg
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Size:  212.0 KB
Name:  DSCN0424e_zpsn2pp1dlw.jpg
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Size:  285.4 KB
Name:  DSCN0427_zpsuqpr5s0o.jpg
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Size:  260.5 KB
Name:  10476053_670053223066404_1393694117010257022_o_zpshsdw4ovp.jpg
Views: 23329
Size:  74.5 KB
Name:  10499634_804104682934492_215361507_o_zpsk9nict51.jpg
Views: 23172
Size:  44.0 KB
Name:  10465856_804104686267825_534952815_o_zpsj9h8badw.jpg
Views: 23347
Size:  49.2 KB

Next step, Black Housing Headlights I also made my own custom headlight eye lids using 1 can of white plasti dip and 1 can of pearlizer plasti dip.
Additionally I installed a set of side-skirt splitters and removed my side skirt mud guards.
I also got invited to be on the top floor for the TOP 100 Stance Wars yearly event
Name:  DSCN0639_zpshofukqum.jpg
Views: 23897
Size:  162.2 KB
Name:  DSCN0651_zpsxuwtzccx.jpg
Views: 23358
Size:  140.7 KB
Name:  DSCN0567_zpskjd9lvyz.jpg
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Size:  148.7 KB
Name:  10494793_787994727889546_3627250563707334209_n_zpshbuga6ds.jpg
Views: 23394
Size:  87.8 KB

Right after the show I got tired of my wheels being plasti-dipped white, so I peeled it off. I also decided to paint my brakes calipers blue, get blue Godspeed Lugnuts and paint various engine bay pieces either black or blue
Name:  20140710_201041_zpst3cijd1g.jpg
Views: 23536
Size:  255.7 KB
Name:  20140712_100019_zpsvpo3njao.jpg
Views: 23447
Size:  228.6 KB

A friend of mine also did a mini photo shoot
Name:  IMG_2251442664057_zpsnkl4qdft.jpeg
Views: 23116
Size:  72.3 KB
Name:  IMG_2344619621165_zps2bb8ez78.jpeg
Views: 23130
Size:  36.8 KB
Name:  IMG_2192305873272_zps5oj9rjjr.jpeg
Views: 23389
Size:  68.8 KB

And Another:
Name:  DSCN0001e_zpsaih4ujdi.jpg
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Size:  185.7 KB
Name:  DSCN0010_zpsqynvanut.jpg
Views: 23524
Size:  178.4 KB

From Hot Import Nights Seattle. I took home 2nd best Infiniti
Name:  received_m_mid_1406486852839_dd85a5cba6365b0e77_0_zpsibwt7ndd.jpeg
Views: 23496
Size:  88.2 KB
Name:  10450046_602821873149259_3843248742733127712_o_zpsqyshuyvv.jpg
Views: 23353
Size:  85.6 KB
Name:  20140726_225653_zps0fgtjduy.jpg
Views: 23398
Size:  198.5 KB

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Awesome shoot done by a friend of mine locally:
Name:  david7edit_zps5seqcve8.jpg
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Size:  223.0 KB
Name:  davidbootyedit_zpsowpzs5v2.jpg
Views: 23534
Size:  129.2 KB
Name:  david4edit%201_zpsxsv1y33w.jpg
Views: 23363
Size:  179.8 KB
Name:  david3edit_zpsoti3njft.jpg
Views: 23504
Size:  187.0 KB
Name:  david4edit_zps0d7asiiq.jpg
Views: 23412
Size:  181.5 KB
Name:  rollingdavid4edit_zpskp4odxud.jpg
Views: 23384
Size:  132.4 KB
Name:  rollingdavidedit_zpsworutbxr.jpg
Views: 23423
Size:  95.4 KB
Name:  davidrolling7edit_zpso0idmgm3.jpg
Views: 23274
Size:  124.0 KB

I also got a Spec-D Black Badgeless Grill as well and did another shoot:
Name:  IMG_16051660443592_zps5hgiqcb5.jpeg
Views: 23118
Size:  56.3 KB
Name:  IMG_17088802177008_zpspdnq5mjs.jpeg
Views: 23387
Size:  47.8 KB

As well, I did the same with my headlight eye-lids so I peeled them off also
Name:  20140816_083809_zpsy5xdm8ip.jpg
Views: 23382
Size:  220.8 KB

I decided to take out my own camera and do a shoot on a foggy morning
Name:  DSCN0091e_zps2gcjrvxn.jpg
Views: 23458
Size:  203.5 KB
Name:  DSCN0094_zpsilsd9i0r.jpg
Views: 23392
Size:  224.8 KB
Name:  DSCN0094_zpsilsd9i0r.jpg
Views: 23392
Size:  224.8 KB
Name:  DSCN0110e_zpsr5sn4iz4.jpg
Views: 23491
Size:  411.6 KB
Name:  DSCN0101e_zpsajewb1ih.jpg
Views: 23326
Size:  200.2 KB
Name:  DSCN0064e_zpsxgmtsysu.jpg
Views: 23394
Size:  306.0 KB

Night photoshoot taken by a friend:
Name:  10383846_710417512345218_6897037991425320652_o_zpswhz2vbgl.jpg
Views: 23160
Size:  27.6 KB
Name:  10658835_710030522383917_1185132967836479125_o_zpssd61wmpj.jpg
Views: 23054
Size:  34.0 KB
Name:  14940848402_f11075dfae_o_zps301y3jap.jpg
Views: 23398
Size:  171.6 KB

Last show with my setup
Name:  10687241_388395417979315_8751129797324330535_o_zps5bu526h1.jpg
Views: 23074
Size:  55.6 KB
Name:  received_m_mid_1411939543851_02b6d1b1cbe4cf4194_0_zps4rchlbcp.jpeg
Views: 23353
Size:  100.1 KB

Then I decided to move on with my STR 601 wheels and go with OEM G35 wheels for a little while
Name:  20141005_101710_zpsg2lxcxre.jpg
Views: 23346
Size:  220.6 KB
Name:  20141006_094119_zpscevrydvr.jpg
Views: 23712
Size:  269.7 KB
Attached Images
File Type: jpg
DSCN0094_zpsilsd9i0r.jpg (224.8 KB, 20 views)

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I sold my BC BR Coilovers and went back on my Tein S-Tech Springs so I can drive my car more comfortably, since kissing the pavement wasn't always fun..
Name:  20141117_150853_LLS_zpsbwa3mgua.jpg
Views: 23302
Size:  193.5 KB

But then I changed my mind yet again and bought Megan Coilovers and got Varrstoen ES 19x9.5 + 12 19x10.5 +12 wheels with Achilles ATR Sport 2 245/35R19, 275/35R19 Achilles ATR Sport 2 tires
Name:  DSCN0326f_zpsawyqrfnk.jpg
Views: 23390
Size:  190.5 KB
Name:  DSCN0333e_zps1boi04sr.jpg
Views: 23353
Size:  194.8 KB
Name:  DSCN0350e_zpsqi73rgkl.jpg
Views: 23337
Size:  217.0 KB
Name:  DSCN0355e_zps0avx02n2.jpg
Views: 23223
Size:  169.2 KB
Name:  DSCN0330e_zps1xe8spnw.jpg
Views: 23256
Size:  186.4 KB

I decided to once again put the car on Tein Stech Springs so I wouldnt have to deal with speedbumps and driveways and now I'm on G37 rims with 225/40R19 Delinte Thunder D7 Tires Front, 245/40R19 Delinte Thunder D7 Tires rear. I also put on 15mm spacers up front and 25mm spacers in the rear
Name:  IMG_2509_zpshqct9zb5.jpg
Views: 23404
Size:  191.6 KB
Name:  IMG_2482_zpsb6k7hpf6.jpg
Views: 23324
Size:  193.0 KB

Now, after 6+ months driving like that, I decided to put another set of STR 601 wheels with the same specs, but with wider tires, eg. 245/35R20 Delinte Thunder D7 Front, 285/30R20 Delinte Thunder D7 Rear and keep my ride height.. but of course that can change.
I will keep you guys updated on that when the wheels are mounted!

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Hi Fishchuck
This is David Le haha
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Where's the rest
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Originally Posted by ThatOneDude View Post
Hi Fishchuck
This is David Le haha
Your G looked so sick in the parking lot at Drift Con by the way
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Originally Posted by Mr. Brooks View Post
Where's the rest
I'm going to progressively post them when I have some free time
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Damn, I guess we will never find out what the mission was
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Originally Posted by VenomGT9 View Post
Damn, I guess we will never find out what the mission was
Originally it was to take my car to shows as a "daily driven", mild build. But after the first summer showing I decided to stop showing and have a more comfortable drive to my car.
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Didn't you get a G37??
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Originally Posted by Frankieg35 View Post
Didn't you get a G37??
I still have it, but I'm trying to sell it
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Originally Posted by davizzle View Post
I still have it, but I'm trying to sell it
How come?? Like the 35 better??

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