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Official Wheel Fitment Pic thread{PICS&SPECS ONLY}

Old 10-28-2009, 03:54 PM
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Official Wheel Fitment Pic thread{PICS&SPECS ONLY}

Ok so basically what i would like to have here is a thread with ALL types of wheels/pics/and their fitment.

Please Try and only post pics, and limit the amount of text in here.

I want this to be specifically for people to post their setups along with their specs.

Post should be constructed as follows(Very simple):

Coupe or sedan
Fender work/modification
Wheel Size - Diameter/Width/Offset/AND DISC
Tire Size.
Suspension setup
Camber settings(If you have them)
A FEW GOOD PICS SHOWING THE FITMENT, Please no ****ty cell phone pictures, or pics of 1/4 of your car

DO NOT POST if you aren't gonna post all the necessary information. That will do nothing for the purpose of this thread. If you do not know all your specs just DON'T post. This is for every type of wheel style. Simply, i just want people to see all the variations of wheel fitment so that people can have a better idea of what kind of setup they want as well as get an idea about what specs they will need.

AGAIN, this is NOT an opinion thread, so please don't ruin it

Also if you would like to post more than one of your setups, please make separate posts for each one

Thanks, and i hope this will be able to help some people out.

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I guess I can start it off. Let me know if this is what you are looking for Shane.

Car: 2004 G35 Coupe with OEM brembos lowered on 350Z Cobb springs and eibach rear camber/toe kit.
Wheels: Forgestar F14, Piano Black, 19x10+20 front and 19x11+33 rear
Tires: Hankook Ventus V12 EVO 255/35/19 front and 295/30/19 rear
Alignment: not provided to me, but I asked for it to be very tire friendly which it is.
Fenders Rolled: Yes, but it was not required until I added 12mm spacers.
Spacers: Yes, 12mm bolt-on rear spacers, so effective offset of +21 in the rear.
Lugs: McGard Black 2pc Splines
Notes: Fronts might be able to handle a 265/35, rears seem to still have some fender gap left to fill up. Rear wheels now available in a recommended +23 offset.

Without spacers, with rear fender roll:

With rear spacers, with rear fender roll:


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good idea shane... hella good idea.. but arent you missing suspension set up...

well i cant post cuz itll be iphone pics lol

Fenders Rolled
Coupe or sedan
no spacers
Volk Ce-28 Time Attacks 19x9.5 +22F and 19x10.5 +22R
Bfgoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 245/35/19 F and 275/35/19 R
Tein Basics

New Set Up

everything the same except rims..
Advan RGIIs 18x10 all around +15
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 264/40/18


just bought 10mm spacers for the rear... hopefully have new pics soon...
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rear fenders rolled flat
no spacers

Volk GTS 19x9.5/10.5
245/275-35 rubber
Drop: DF210's springs
-2.0 f/ -2.5r camber
Name:  DSC00754.jpg
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Work Varianza T1S 20x9.5/10.5
+5 A-disk front/ +5 O-disk rear
225/255-35 rubber
Drop: Stance LX coils
-2.3 f/ -3.0 r camber

Name:  004-3.jpg
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Sweet guys, yes this is exactly what i was going for, now hopefully people can use it....
Ryan thanks i will also add suspension setup.
Old 10-29-2009, 02:55 PM
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G35 coupe
Fender work/modification: Fronts pulled slightly. Rears rolled flat, pulled slightly.
Spacers-yes/no - yes, F 25mm R 30mm project kics
Wheel - Work VS-XX
Wheel Size - F: 19x9.5 +28 R-disk 235/35/19 R: 19x10.5 +29 O-disk 255/35/19
Suspension setup - Universal Air Suspension, FBSS
Camber settings(If you have them) - F: -2 degrees R: -4.1 degrees

Name:  pat1.jpg
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Name:  r-IMG_3160_1_2.jpg
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Name:  r-IMG_3176_7_8.jpg
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Name:  r-IMG_3163_4_5.jpg
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DPE forged wheels Model: LS5

20 x 8.5 +23 with 10mm spacer = +13
1.8 degree camber

20 x 10 +16 with 15mm spacer = + 1
1.6 degree camber with fenders rolled

michelin pilot sports ps2 tires. 285 30 20, 255 30 20

btw wheels are also for sale:

Name:  IMG_8918copy.jpg
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Car: 2006 G35 Coupe with AP Racing 6/4pot bbk.
Suspension: UAS Air suspension, Cusco Front arms SPC rear camber kit
Wheels: Kranson Klassics 20x10 -4, 20x11.5 -2 (Now 12" -8
Tires: General Exclaim UHP 225.30 front 265.30 rear
Alignment:~-3 to -3.5
Fenders Work: Rear - rolled and pulled/flared Front - Rolled and slight flare
Spacers: No
Lugs: Project Mu

Old 10-30-2009, 03:12 AM
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Coupe or sedan: coupe
Fender work/modification: fronts [none] rears [none- but need to be rolled soon- rubs]
Spacers-yes/no: no - may get a 5mm spacer for the fronts in due time
Wheel Size - Diameter/Width/Offset/AND DISC: Ro_Ja r2-7 -- Fronts 19x9 +20 Rears 19x10 +12
Tire Size.: Fronts- 245/35/19 Rears- 275/35/19
Suspension setup: oem 350z springs
Camber settings(If you have them): none

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2005 G35 Coupe
Cut Fenders
No spacers
Fronts: 20x9.5 Offset 5 Rears 20x10.5 Offset 0
Tire size: 245/35/20 275/30/20
Suspension Setup: Tein Basic Coilovers

Name:  l_215ba53bcc6f4771b125c78358763ecf.jpg
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Name:  l_5e78e36d70784d5a9a6f977ff91fc497.jpg
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Name:  DSCN3074-2.jpg
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2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe(Rebadging to Nissan)
No Fender work
No Spacers
19" Charcoal Tenzo Type M's
19x8.5 +17 Front 19x10 +22 Rear
245/35/19 Falken 452's Front
275/35/19 Falken 452's Rear
Tein Comfort Sport Coilovers
(SOLD the rims,now rolling on coupe OEM 17's)

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Fender work/modification - cut rear
Spacers - 15mm front
Wheel Size - 19x9.5/10.5 +17f +24r
Tire Size - 245/35f 275/35r
Suspension setup - Tein Basic Coilovers
Camber settings - -3.1f -1.5r

Name:  1280x8003.png
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Name:  6099107e.png
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Name:  5ed6ff48.png
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G35 Coupe
Slightly rolled rear fenders
No Spacers
Front: 19 x 9.5 et +17 Toyo T1r 245/35/19
Rear: 19 x 10.5 et +18 Falken Azenis 275/30/19
Tein 350z H-techs
Chamber -1 to -1.5

Old 11-17-2009, 06:00 PM
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ttt...need moar of this!!!!
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Nice thread shane!

My specs when i had the wheels

Car: 2006 Coupe w/ Alliance brake 8/6 pot 15" 14" rotors
Wheels: Volk Gt30
Tires: toyo extensa 225/35/20, 245/35/30
alignment:-2.3 front -3.3 rear
camber kits: SPL ver 1 (fronts) SPC (rear)
Fenders: fronts are stock (needs to be flattened) rears are rolled flat as possible and pulled a tad
Spacers: 25mm all around
Lugs: project kics R40
Suspension: JIC-FLT TAR 15 way


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