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  24. Osiris question
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  37. Uprev Spark Tuning
  38. Tune
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  40. impressive dyno results
  41. 2006 G35 coupe 6MT - bolt-ons + tune dyno results
  42. Anybody want to rent me their UPREV cable?
  43. Flashing a 03 G35 coupe Ecu with UPREV CAN ERROR RE PIN KNOW THIS!!!!!!
  44. 03 5at de vortech dyno results
  45. Dyno Line Smoothing
  46. Share an Osiris cable??
  47. help needed....03 supercharged G35 coupe will not rev over 6k rpm after tune
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  54. Osiris question
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  60. Flash or Tune?
  61. New to uprev, i have questions
  62. Need a tune
  63. would i need a tuning program and if so why
  64. diy osiris uprev?
  65. Performance Factory Orlando
  66. osiris questions
  67. Service Engine Soon light?
  68. ATL-Uprev Tune
  69. Just got Osiris Standard! Unsure of a few things though..
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  74. Viewing ROM files
  75. Aftermarket ECU for a Naturally Aspirated VQ35DE?
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  82. Deleting Emissions Systems
  83. Tuner recommended 20w50?
  84. Jotech or T1?
  85. New to vq motors..what's everyone using for FI tuning
  86. Hypertech Not Compatible With 2003????
  87. $600 Osiris tune: Good deal?
  88. anyone have UpRev tuner and make some changes for me???
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  90. Osiris
  91. Last minute nitpiking before hitting the dyno
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  95. GF chips?
  96. Car wont run after returning to stock. HHHEEELLLPPP
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